Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring 2017 I have missed sharing with you all

Well just thought I'd let you know I'm still here in the beautiful Methow Valley. Now it's spring 2017, gosh time flies by. Just to let you know briefly what I've been up to say in the last year. This is a  very simple scarf I purchased the pattern from Ravelry, Hitch Hiker. I had so much fun with this  project, it went well every step of the way. First I bought a four once hand painted braid from Shooting Yarns in Montana. Then I took a Crafsy class on spinning hand painted roving, and the fiber is Polworth, so lovely. This yarn I spun in a very specific way to get the effect that you see. It is so soft. I wish you could feel it ! I love it so much. I'll post some pictures of some more knitting another time. I have also been doing some weaving projects, and this is one of them, they are the most interesting pattern, and very  beautiful in person. I will continue to knit and more, and share it with you soon. A sad note I must add, I lost my Dad in October, then his brother less than two months later. It's hard, but he would want me to continue to enjoy my life and all the things I do. with Love Diana
Hitch Hiker
Eight Harness cotton towels