Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day weekend in the Methow

My Dad, eatting a brownie
Kim, who lives in Tonasket

Cathie and her children


The entertainment, the man on the left is another character here, Uncle Lester

2008 Color - and - Weave Callenge

WOW, Labor day weekend has come and gone. I get this feeling of something ending, and that's true in a sense, it's the end of summer for the children when they go back to school, and for me it's an ending to soon, the shorter day light hours, and the veggie garden that was pretty good, and the plants are saying please for give us but we're just done, let go. It's hard, but then I'm reminded of the things to look forward to, like the Okanagan County Fair, which is this week end. I'm getting ahead of myself, this last weekend my Dad and I went to Saturday Market, which I go when I'm able, and it's especially fun on the big weekends. This summer the markets been not as busy as usual, but that's maybe due to the gas thing, and what ever keeps people close to home. Well this time the market was a buzz with lots of visitors, so like we always do, I get the coffee, and my Dad gets the elephant ear, that my friend Lillie sells, and we sit down by the local entertainment and listen and watch the people, and what they buy, or how their dressed, you know how to do that, it's fun. Then we walk around to see all the vender's and what they are selling. Well one of the venders is an ole friend from my spinning guild from when I lived at Lk. Stevens, The Snohomish Valley Spinners Guild, her name is Kim. When I first saw Kim at the Market you could have knock me over with a feather, she said she had just moved to our neck of the woods in the Tonasket area, she has an glass etching business, and she doe's the most beautiful things, I'm at a loss for words. Then there is a gal name of Judy, she lives about five miles south of me, she has the most beautiful vegetables , and she's consider a character here. Then there's my hard working weaving friend Cathie, she sells her items at the market, and her children's help. The entertainment at the market is usually good, sometimes not so good, but always entertaining. We always come home with something yummy, or useful, the Senior center has a rummage room, and the sell stuff really cheap. Back to looking ahead to whats to come, well this Thursday my Uncle Paul is coming over to visit, and on Friday we're all going to the fair in Okanagan, that will be fun. Just today, my friend Kay and I went to the fair grounds to set up for the weavers from our guild, the display for this year, it looks mighty fine up there on the wall. Then yesterday I got the Knitting Retreat info for Nov, hard to believe it's that time again. So there's lots of things to look forward to. So I guess Labor Day was just the beginning of my most favorite season, Fall. The leaves are starting to change, and we hear that the winter is going to be pretty ruff, but I'll be ready for it, Lonny's just about got all the fire wood cut and stacked, so we'll be warm. I have some projects planned to get done for our sale in November. Well what was I worried about, before we know it it's going to be spring and I'm already looking forward to that. Knitting Plenty L. Diana