Sunday, February 17, 2008

Katie sking up at the Loup (my picture turned out blurry)
Done! this project turned out just like I wanted it too, it's just lovely

This is the next spinning project, can't wait

When the snow starts to turn brown......

When the snow starts to turn brown here in the Methow Valley, this is a sure sighn that Spring is on it's way. This has been the most beautiful winter ever as far as the amount of sunny days. It's been cold though, but as the weather gets a little warmer each day, so the snow melts and along the roads it's definitly turing brown. Were ever I go I hear someone say, I'm so ready for winter to be over and I'm tiered of this snow, but then they say, but I'm not looking forward to the mud we get in the spring either. One thing I'm gratefull for is that I've been able to get around just fine this winter, I've been able to go to the Guild meetings here and over the Loup pass to Omak, as a matter of fact Katie and I made it over to one a week ago and it was held at Debbie's house, the funny thing is that without planning this, everyone seem to show up with knitting, rather than spinning. We had a great time and I'm looking forward to next Saturday, then I'll go over there again. This last Thursday, at Methow Valley Spinners & Weavers Guild, we had our yearly White Elephant party, now this is always fun. Everyone brings something wrapped, in some manner, it could be a box or as the other Diana did, in a bag for carring hot or cold food. So this is suppose to be things from our stashes that should challenge the person whom recieves it. Boy can some of the stuff be a challenge. After all the fun of finding out what people don't want to keep storing in thier stashes, we had some lovely desserts that Kay made, and Kathy, made two pies and they were not only tasty but beautiful, I made the pie for Lonny right away and he loved it too. So lets see, what have I been doing with myself lately. Well, I finished my spinning project and I'm working on the wrap still, and I started making this cute little fingerless gloves out of some hand spun I did. I've been working on my quilt, just as I said I would, and it's coming along nicely. For a spinning project, I'm soon going to start on a pencil roving from the same place I got the last stuff I just finished. I don't know how many times I have told Vicki, if I'm looking at fiber to buy would you please kick my butt, but you see she's not allways here so some times I just can't help myself, so I just purchased 3Lbs. of jet black Romney Lamb from my friend Laurie, who lives down the Hwy. She bought my friend Diana's Cashmere goat heard, and she also has Romney sheep, and Icelandic sheep, her animals are just beautiful, and I'm looking forward to getting some great pictures for you to see when the babies are here. The things I'm looking forward to are, Spring and April cause I'm going to Whidbey Island spin in, and Jens & Samantha are coming here during here spring break, also in June Lonny and I are escourting Lonny's Mom to Rochester N.Y., Lonny's brother is retiring and is being honored for his work at the college he and his son opened there. Also in Apirl is our guild challenge, and that is still not started yet, but I ussually get things done in time, also my Dad will start coming over to open his trailer for another summer season. Not to for get, but in March I'm having the Omak guild over here and then my spinning day the following monday, we will be celebrating my third anniversary since we moved here. Time flies when your having fun. Well I hope the snow up on the Mt. does'nt go away to soon, cause I would like to ski a little longer. I hope your snow is turning brown, and if you don't have any that's even better. Love to you all! Diana P.S. my spell check was'nt working, my appologies.