Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm feeling good today and......

I'm  feeling good today, and hopeful that this garden season will be a great one. Friday I started to cut the old canes from my Raspberries, it's good to be out side after a long winter. We had lots of snow, and cold temps, but now that the snow is almost gone we can see the open window to spring. This year I have a new helper in the garden. I told Lonny there was no need for him to rototill because our new addition is doing a fine job. Not the clearest video, but you get the idea. So back to the raspberries, well there all done and the mess is picked up, now on to all the other many things out there that need to be done. So I guess you can say, from now till next fall I'll be busy.

Just  startting to prune

All done and tied up and ready to grow

  1. Some of you know that at the end of January, we got some bad news, that our Son Jens  had an episode with his heart, his defibulator went off several times in about three days. So he went to the hospital and he had surgery. Looks like he'll be going in shortly to finish up, we hope for the best.
  2. 1930's reproduction fabrics and lots of applique
    I also got my quilt top done just recently, so in a month I'll take it to my local quilt shop to have it quilted.  In the mean time I'm startting yet another one. I have lots of fabric to use up, since I purchased alot of it befor we even moved here.

                        This is a fun and easy one
This Blogspot has changed it's format so I'm not use to it yet, so excuse the mistakes  

Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Days Like This......

It's days like this that make you forget about the hard work of moving all that snow around, and trudging through it to get were you need to go. This is our view from our bed room window, and today it's sunny and it makes the snow sparkle, these are the winter days that make you feel better, and give you a new out look on life.
Coal and I took a drive to appreciate this beautiful day. Why do dogs like to stick their heads out of a moving car window at 22 degrees, he loves to, and I get cold. Makes him happy! So we took a drive to the Lower Beaver Creek Rd and took some pics. 
This is the road that my walking buddie and I walk on every day, actually most the time it's at night, because she works. Here are some of the sites we see during the day, and that isn't a strange animal in the picture, well maybe.  
Looking East
What a privilege to see an eagle
Then here we are home again, renewed from the breath taking beauty of it all!
Lonny thinks his yard art is the breath taking beauty here. Well maybe it is, it's in the eye of the guy with the sun in his eye's LOL
Yard Art
Here's a Quilt that I started last Summer, I'm making progress.                                                                                                   

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow..... a four letter word


I suppose here in the State of Washington their are people who think snow is a four letter word, we have had lots of snow, mostly on the western side of the state. As of this morning, were I live we have around eight to ten inches, here in the North Central part of the State. This kind of weather we expect here, but in western Wa. not so much. This picture I took this morning, and it hasn't stopped snowing yet, and we are expecting a couple of days more of it.  
As long as Dad keeps a trial going for little Coal we are happy, this is the trail out to the shop, you can see how deep it is, and this is just what we got today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Blame Everything on my Computer

I do, do you? Mine is so old and slow, that I could knit a pair of socks, while waiting. The changes in Blogger threw my off so much I thought my blog was for ever lost. I'm not computer savvy, but I can peck my way through most problems, but for some reason, well I just couldn't get it. Then on Face Book, I got the message, and guess what I'm back.
Since my last post, were all the Holidays, all I can say to that now is, good it's over for another year. Yes it was nice to see our parents and our Boys and Grand Daughter, but we are home bodies for sure. We're still looking at the same ole snow that fell before Thanksgiving, it's just been mostly very cold, with an occasional warm day. We have officially have added this wonderfull animal to our home, and have given him his official name, which is Coal, as in "Black as Coal" I knew you would get it. He is Chipped,shots and nuedered. We love him with all our hearts, he's all most perfect for us, I'm saying all most just to leave a little room for what might come up we don't know about.
       In my last post, I told you about these " Tool Totes" I was making for my friends, I ended up making nine of them, and by the ninth one I knew what I was doing, they turned out well