Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm feeling good today and......

I'm  feeling good today, and hopeful that this garden season will be a great one. Friday I started to cut the old canes from my Raspberries, it's good to be out side after a long winter. We had lots of snow, and cold temps, but now that the snow is almost gone we can see the open window to spring. This year I have a new helper in the garden. I told Lonny there was no need for him to rototill because our new addition is doing a fine job. Not the clearest video, but you get the idea. So back to the raspberries, well there all done and the mess is picked up, now on to all the other many things out there that need to be done. So I guess you can say, from now till next fall I'll be busy.

Just  startting to prune

All done and tied up and ready to grow

  1. Some of you know that at the end of January, we got some bad news, that our Son Jens  had an episode with his heart, his defibulator went off several times in about three days. So he went to the hospital and he had surgery. Looks like he'll be going in shortly to finish up, we hope for the best.
  2. 1930's reproduction fabrics and lots of applique
    I also got my quilt top done just recently, so in a month I'll take it to my local quilt shop to have it quilted.  In the mean time I'm startting yet another one. I have lots of fabric to use up, since I purchased alot of it befor we even moved here.

                        This is a fun and easy one
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