Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hello, I'm still here knitting in the Methow!

Manure producer ! So cute Square knitting needles

Weeds in the garden, house and Dads' trailer in back ground

Yes it's true, I'm still alive and well. I thought you were all tiered of my ramblings. So I thought I would give you a break, so here I go. So many things have happened since I last posted, a couple of things I remember is Jay and Vicki coming over here to their cabin, and what a great visit we had.Then I remember going to spin at Conconully, and what a beautiful day that was. Katie came with me, then we meet Ingrid and Mary and drove the Conconully Hwy. the hills were just gorgeous covered with the yellow Daisy that grows prolific here.The sun was shinning and you couldn't ask for more. We met at Elaine's house, that she alone has remodeled from an old log cabin to a beautiful log cabin. She is also a dog musher and a potter, also a weaver. There were thirteen of us and it was a lively group. Betty Jo Roberts was there and she was full of lots to tell us. For those of you who don't' know who she is, well shes a weaving loom builder and she also builds beautiful spinning wheels and has done this for years. There is a Yahoo group that is for Betty Jo Roberts, you should look it up if your interested in such a interesting person. Shes' ruff and ready at all times with a heart of gold. I haven't gone to my knitting groups much, they kinda wind down this time of the year cause people get busy with outdoor things. I'm still going to line dancing though and I still love it. Oh, I forgot to mention that Betty Roberts showed us her newest invention, square knitting needles, straights and circular . She said that she has had trouble for years due to Arthritis in her hands she could no longer knit, she also has a digit missing on her right hand, now how this happened I'm not sure. So I bought a circular from her and asked her what size the needle was and she said "I don't know" so I looked at it and said it's about a 5 or a 6, she said" looks about right to me".Betty says she can knit again now with these square needles. I gave then a try and they do work very well, but the edges sort of made my hands sore. So I've been getting serous about the veggie garden, I'm not sure what I'm going to plant yet, but first the weeds need to come out and the goat manure goes on, then rototiller it. My Dad was helping me today, I really welcome the help. Lonny was gone to the coast this last Friday and Saturday, he went to surprise his Mom with some of his other siblings for her 87th Birthday, and also to pick up some more of his stuff he's had farmed out over there. While he was gone, my Dad and I went out to dinner in Whinthrop at a place I've mentioned before "Vittles", it was so good. Then on Saturday we went to the Saturday Market in Twisp, this market is a fun place to go, and more so as the growing season goes on.It's been very windy here, so that drys things out really fast, so I'm watering allot already. I've been hiking down to the river almost every day, I love this walk, I see and hear so many wonderful things. Hope you've had a great April and have an even greater May! How'd we get from Jan to May so fast? Love you all "Knits Plenty", Diana

Friday, April 13, 2007

Time flies when your busy having fun!

My finished Tea Cozy, the center is woven in Huck spot lace then embroidered. The final woven lace projects! If only you could see these in person !
Sam in Winthrop, looks like she hitching for a ride up north, hmm.

Easter Bunnie!

Wednesday the fourth of April , Jens and Samantha arrived around three in the afternoon. It was so good to see them, and My Dad arrived a little before them. So then we spent time getting his trailer really for another summer.Then that evening we all had dinner together, it was nice. The next day Sam and I went to town to have your coffee time together, she got to see the owners of "Cool Beans" in Twisp and had a nice visit. They told her when she's old enough she can get a summer job there.Like every Thursday it was Guild day for the Methow Valley Spinners and Weavers.It's a slow day of the month were we get together and just talk about anything. Then Friday morning we had horse back riding lessons with Lori, and Lori surprised me again by inviting me to ride too. It was such a beautiful warm day, we spent alot of time grooming the horses for this was thier first ride of the year and boy they were dirty and hairy. That was great fun! Jens love astrology, and brought his telescope with him because on a clear night you can see stars forever. We did see Saturn with its rings, that was so awesome. Saturday morning early we went to an Easter egg hunt at Perrigan Lake near Winthrop, it was set up really nice and had an Easter bunny for the kids to get pictures with, Sam is ten and was in that age group, but Lucky for them there weren't that many kids, so they got lots of fun things in there Easter Eggs. Friday the 6th was my Dad's Birthday, 85. So Saturday we had a Birthday/Easter dinner , with ham etc.Then Sunday morning came and it was over, Jens and Sam had to leave, but I told Sam it won't be that long befor she will be back. Love you Sam! So then Monday was Spinners Monday at my house and we had a great time visiting, Laurie brought her Icelandic sheeps fiber that she had prossed into roving, and it is just beautiful.There's nothing like sharing an interest with people and sharing ideas.I love these Mondays. So after Monday it was crunch time, the Guild challenge poroject is due on the 9th. So lesson are learned when you put off what you had a year to accomplish. I didn't get it done till the last minute and I suffered for it. If anything could go wrong it did. I finished it , and I must say it turned out just fine and was a hit at the unveiling of our projects. So Dad took me out to dinner and we went to "Mick and Mickes" for hamburgers and a beverage, Mmmmm good.So tonight Dad and I are going to the Native American feather dance put on at the Merc Playhouse in Twisp, I'm looking forward to it. I did finish the other Nordic style mitten and they turned out fab. Now I must get my shawl done and start working in the vegetable garden, cause next moth I'm going with Vicki to "The Stehekin Valley Ranch" for the spinning rendezvous, Opps thats in June, well what can I say I'm excited! Happy April and keep on keeping on! knits Plenty

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Samanthas visiting

Samanthas drawing of a woman Japanese warrior
Sam with Jr.

I would like to introduce to you my Grand Daughter Samantha!

Hi my name is Samantha. I visit my Grandma as much as I can!

I think my grandma is the best. I love her so much! On vacations I spend most of my time in Twisp. When I am here I like to visit my good friends Tony and Lee. Tony makes the best snicker mocha's. They own "Cool Beans" in Twisp. I also like to visit with my Grandma's cat Jr., he's a very sweet kitten. Today I am planning on visiting my friends Tony and Lee to have coffee, also I will be going to spinning and weaving guild. Later on I will be working on my scrapbook for my horse back riding teacher, Lori. Friday I will be taking horse back riding lessons with her. Thank you for reading this page. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Kaye Collins at Whidby Island Weavers and Spinners Spin in

Happy Easter ! Jackie, Sonja and (Sinjeh Sp) we do knit too, not just eat.
Laurie was the first to finish a sock!

Heavenly, knitting while I'm getting my feet rubbed.

So many good things have happened in the last week. Wednesday March 28th was knitting at the Ashford Gallery. I got a special treat from one of our twisted sisters Jackie. She is a reflexalogist (Sp), and wanted to give me the works for helping her with her knitting, even though I was more than happy to help. Oh my, was that an experience I'll never forget. What a fun group, Sara of course, Jackie and her mother Sonya,Deb,Laurie, and I don't know how to spell her name, I'll have to find out. Then Friday Lonny and I left for the coast, went and saw Jens our son and had dinner with our other son Ely. Was good to see them and all was well. Then we stayed at Lonny's Moms' house. The next morning I was off to meet Vicki, Dorothy and Anna Rose for a day of spinning and catching up with each other at the Whidbey Island Weavers and Spinners Guild 36th Annual Spin In. Boy howdy were there lots of vender's there, selling everything you could think of that you might need to help make your spinning even more enjoyable. So we got there around ten thirty and the rest of the day went by so fast I couldn't believe it. One of the reasons it went by so fast was the guest lecturer Kaye Collins, who is an expert on camelids, these are camels, llamas and alpaca. She has a HGA sponsored certificate of excellence, level l &ll, in hand spinning. She was a great wealth of information and passionate about the subject. I really learned allot. Before we knew it it was time to say goodbye to Annie,Fonell,Anette,Mildred,Carol,Evelyn,Pam and our new friend Aurora. Before our goodbyes we got together for dinner in Oak Harbour, that was a great end to a great day. We had a beautiful ride home the weather was clear and sunny. I would like to thank Jay for making Vicki and I such a fab lunch and Vicki for the gift of a back pack and all the goodies she put inside. A great time was had by all. So now I'm looking forward to tomorrow, because Jens and my Grand daughter are arriving, and also my Dad is opening up his trailer for the summer season. My Dad is having a Birthday on Saturday, he will be 85. So lots to look forward to. Enjoy your Easter for those who celebrate it. Diana