Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alive and Well Here in the Methow

Wow, it's been six months since I've blogged, but I'm still here and happy that summer finally arrived, just in time for fall. It was a very slow start to summer, we had lots of spring rains, more than I can ever remember, it's still a little green on the hills yet. The rains did bring out the spring flowers, as my first picture shows, this was taken in the back yard. Last year was my year in the garden for cucumbers!

This year is the year of the berries! My raspberries out did them selves, and I made Jam till I was dreaming of it. Then we had some strong winds, and rain, along with thunder and lightning, and off came some of the last of the raspberries.
Now my Strawberries, they have been incredible, the plants have produce and produced, and their still coming, and will till the first frost. They are big and juicy, and I've gotten many batches of freezer jam, and frozen berries in bags. Of course, lots of berries for cereal, yogurt, ice cream and more. I couldn't be more pleased.

It was Lonny's B-Day this week-end, and I made him a pie from our berries, and boy-howdy was it good! Here's a picture of it before I put the glaze on it.

Now with the glaze!

I have had a very good garden this year, it's just taken a while for it to take off, but I have sweet banana peppers plants that come to my waist that I started from seed. I started most my plants from seed, the ones that take a longer growing season . It sure keeps me busy!

I planted some flowers that I mail ordered, they're called purple wave petunias. In person they are a brilliant color. Jens and Sam came for a visit in July, and we had a nice time. Sam turned 14 and is a very lovely young lady, and smart too, I'm not sure if she belongs to this family, LOL. One really neat thing that's new here in the Methow, we have a new Quilt Shop, called"The Quilting Hive" I'm looking forward to spending some time there. In the future, the fair is coming and my Guild here will be doing a modified Sheep to Shawl and of course as always we will be displaying our weaving challenge for this year. I hope summer has finally come to you. Diana