Sunday, April 26, 2015

Knitting had nothing to do with it.

Well it's been a while my.friends since I made a post, over a year. The year of 2014 well was not very interesting . Then came July, it was a Monday, the Monday I have my spinning friends over for the day. Everyone was leaving, oh it was around 3pm, and well we all noticed smoke coming up over the hill across from our house. We had thunder and lightning the night before, dry lightning the worse kind. This was the beginning of what was the Carlton Complex fire. Burned 300,000 acres, burned down over 300 homes, it was pure hell for several days, and we were right in the middle of it, but we came out just fine. I still have a hard time talking about it, I just am grateful everything and every day. Then once the fires were under control, we had rain storms that gave us 1 inch an hour and caused massive flooding. Pseople who made it through the fires, were now losing there homes, out buildings, animals, and pasture land to mud and boulders, what a mess it was. We must go on, and so we did through the rest of the year. I did get some knitting and weaving done.
This is Helen the bear you have seen before, she is wearing a knitted scarf that I started last yesr.
A beautiful Chenille scarf that I weaved .
towels and these cute little guest towels done with plain weave and overshot. Now what will this be ?   I hope to drop a line a little more often, and hope your have an easy  breezy summer !