Monday, January 21, 2008

WOW! I can't believe I did it again

Here's a silly kitty, warming his tummy
here it is being spun!

The fiber I'm spinning, on the left is the mohair and on the right is the Corridale

Our day at Katies, L. to R. Katie, Deb, Jan and Diana

What have I been doing, here again I waited for a whole month to post, and my memory doesn't last that long. Well lets see, there was Christmas, oh yes now I remember, we left here on Sunday, and boy was it snowing hard, it took us six hours to get to Marysville were we stayed at Lonny's Moms' house. Lonny's Brother Lewis and wife Cassie were there from Missouri, so we had an opportunity to visit with them, and that was nice. Christmas Eve morning was a very nice relaxing time, Mom, Cassie and I got to have a good visit. Christmas eve afternoon, we went and saw Jens and Samantha for a while, Sam got a Wii game and we got to see how it worked and of course Nana had to try it and fail miserably too. Sam and Jens had a clrinet duet for us and it was perfect.then we got pizzato take over to Ely's place. d see my Dad and of course Ely, who has taken over were I left off when we moved, he puts out a great spread of goodies and drinks, and we eat pizza. Ely loves and collects aluminum Christmas trees, and he collects antique decorations and so his house always looks very festive and cozy. Ely also collects antique Christmas cards and uses them, and he had a fire going on his T. V. a little homey feeling. My Dad enjoys seeing all of us and has a good time, and loves the snacks. We went back to Mom's and when Lewis got home him and Lonny put together a electric fire place we got his Mom, it has a real look of a fire place, with a mantel and fake flames, no really it was very cool, and she loves it. So Christmas d in the afternoon we went to my brother Bob's house and his wife Cheryl, for dinner and gift exchange, but when we got near there it started to Snow,I guess my Dad and Uncle were there be for us and the tiny bit of snow scared them off and they had left, so after awhile my Brother and Lonny went and got him so he didn't have to miss out on all the fun. Soon Ely showed up and my Brothers Daughter Erin. We did the gift exchange and had snacks , then soon ate a great dinner and had a great time. Well the next day we left and it was snowing in Marysville, and when we got to around Lk. Stevens it was really coming down, and when we turned on to Hy way 2 it stopped and we didn't see any more snow till Startup. It only took five hours to get home this time, and boy were we happy to be home! So now the New Year is here and boy have we had the snow, we have about three feet in some places, Lonny has a path to his barn with sides. Well I talked to Dorothy on the fourth and am so happy I did, I miss my dear friend so much, we talked about St. Distaff's Day or Rock Day to some, this was a day when women would take a day off from spinning and weaving and have a day of visiting with others, well spinners have of course used this day to gather and spin. Well we are no different here, katie had me, Jan ,Deb and Diana over for a day of spinning and sharing and a great lunch, and the day went way to fast. I embarked on a new spinning project, with some fiber I picked up over a year ago at the Oregon Flock andFiberfestival, some hand painted corridale, my plan is to be more consistent in my spinning and end up with what I had planned on. My spell check has stopped working boy am I in trouble now! So since the first of the year, I am continuing with my allergy shots and I've been trying to ski every day, Lonny made a trail for me and connected it to a road across the Field from us, it takes me about an hour if I do it twice, let me tell you what a work out it is, when I'm done I'm soaking wet and have to be careful not to get a chill after. We have had such a beautiful winter this time, it's been sunny and blue sky's, it's cold , like this morning 10 below. When I went skiing and started to sweet I could feel how cold it was on my head like it was going to turn into ice. I'm going to finish a quilt I started before we moved, that's my plan and I'm sticking to it. This is the time of year that our guild has to get serious about the challenge that was given us, so I've researched it and have decided on what I'm going to do and now I just got to get to it. Also my friend Katie has continued to design knitting patterns,and this time has make a kit out of the idea, it's a wrap and from the very moment I saw it I knew I wanted to make it, and it comes in so many color ways, when I finis it I'll show you. I promise not to take so long to write, and bore you with such long ramblings. Spring is around the corner and I'm also thinking about my Stehekin trip in May. Have a great rest of January! Love Diana