Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It was very clear to me...

It was very clear to me what I needed to do to be prepared for going to knitting retreat. One thing for sure was to finish a sweater I had started after the Holidays last year. I have felt that I was missing my knitting ojo, seems I would start something then loose interest, or get distracted by some other project, but I did get my act together and got my sweater done.
My finished three quarter length sleeve sweater

Really cute buttons

This was a very simple sweater for me, I have done far more complicated ones, but I needed to start and finish it. I love this sweater it's so comfortable, and I love the color too.

What the heck is it
This is Helen, she models hat, scarves, just about anything that fits. I needed a very warm hat, the weather here gets extremely cold in the winter, so for walking, taking the dog out, I have a nice warm hat. I used some hand spun that I did last year, another goal of mine, to use my hand spun up, just a small feat. So having those done I needed a project to work on at knitting retreat, so I remembered to take something easy, because I would most the time come home and rip it. So I cast on 648 stitches for a scarf. Well it seems I'm ready to go off on my trip. This year my walking buddy went with me, we were so excited. The first Morning at Fort Warden we went for a walk on the beach, and walked to the light house.
Light House at Fort Warden Washington.
We all had such a great time, it makes my year to see my dear friends, I love every minute I spend with them. We had a field trip to a local fiber processor, they have a small operation, but they work for a lot of people, and also dye the fiber too. I like the combination of wools I purchased, corridale,
Blue Faced Leister and Mohair.

Taylor Farms

I finished my scarf, and started a shawl, then it was over, and time to go home.   
Helen with the new scarf
                       I'm always happy to get home, but many times during the next year my mind will drift off and think of what a wonderful time I had. We came home with a full load.
Full load