Friday, October 14, 2011

Off to bed to be kissed by a Prince in the spring

It's getting closer to the time to put the garden to bed for the winter, to be kissed by a prince in the spring (maybe that's Lonny) when he uses the rototiller. I must get it done soon, because the forecast has been given, that we will have snow by the end of the month. Now tell me how can that be true, when we just got our summer, but now it's gone to the cold mornings and dark by six in the evening. I can't say I'm looking forward to winter yet, but then again I have no choice and will make the best of it. Here's one of the many beautiful vegetables from this years garden, a Hybrid Tomato, it weighed in at 1lb. 14oz. I made a Strata for my spinning (wheel) group, and it was delicious. The fruit is all canned and put away, and the veggies are canned or frozen.
Well I did find some time this summer to go to my sewing group on Monday evenings at The Quilting hive. in the summer we meet in the evening, but this time of year we meet in the afternoons. Mostly I work on small projects there, like this little Tote, it was fun and it makes my brain have to work, to figure out how it's done, like a puzzle.

Then if you remember in my last post I had sewn a small table Quilt for the fourth of July. I decided to make the same Pattern for a Halloween one. this is another puzzle. I always do better the second time around. Mmmm maybe I'll make one for Christmas.

About a month ago this little creature showed up at my neighbors house, and I volunteered to be responsible for him, because she already has two dogs and works full time. We don't know what happened, but we haven't had any response of anyone looking for him. So we think he is our new family member, and we just call him Buddy and he's a great dog.

I continue to walk every day, three miles, with my walking buddy Deb. We walk all year round and have had a great year so far. We enjoy the beautiful road we walk on, all the sights are just awesome, and the wild life breath taking. I treasure our time together and having her to share it with. If you get into the habit of walking, you'll never stop and you'll feel so good. Well I guess I'd better take the puppy for a walk around the yard, befor he forgets his manners.