Monday, April 20, 2009

The rare and not easy to find Methow Whooly Sponge Bird

This is a little miniture Spinning Wheel Music Box that I picked up last Nov at Knitting Reatreat.

Today was a perfect example of Spring! It started out a little cool, 38 degrees, but warmed up rapidly to the high 70's. I took advantage of the warm day, I went out and took some pictures, then came home and went out side and finished some paper work for the Guild Challenge, and read a book, you can't ask for a better day. When it gets really hot I don't do those things outside much. I've been taking a couple of gardening class, on growing veggies, and how to grow things up to winter. I've learned a lot, and have been surprised that some things I had already learned from experience through the years. You can all ways learn more, and I have, did you know that you plant potatoes when the dandelions start to bloom. Well I have learned more tecnical things than that, but that's one you'll always remember. I have been finishing some projects, like spinning, and and the Guild Challenge. Last Saturday I was off again to the Guild meeting in Omak, talk about a great time. The group is always a little different, because our schedules are of course different, so some can be there and some can't. So it's always nice to see some people that haven't been for a while. This week Lonny and I are going to make a trip to Wenatchee, to some poeple this is like a drive to the park, but it isn't for us, that one and a half hours is a long ways. We are going to pick up some fruit trees that we ordered from a nurser, and do the Costco thing and maybe Jo-Ann Fabrics. I have a gift certificate for Jo-Ann's so maybe I'll get to use it. The two runners I made with the Overshot weave structure
This is some yarn that has been one of those projects that you really don't want to do, kinda like being a little kid and not wanting to do the dishes, but it's got be done. The finished product did turn out to be nice.
Now this is a wool that I purchase at the Whidbey Island Weavers and Spinners annual spin-in, about three years ago.
Here's a picture of the wool after I got it back from having processed, this is when you send it to a professional to have it washed and carded. this was a very expensive raw fleece, and very costly to have processed, and I haven't been to happy with the way it spins. So was this a costly mistake? I'm not sure yet, the yarn is nice, and very soft and spongy, but it has a lot of little neps in it, this makes it hard to spin. Maybe when I knit a sample with it I'll end up with a big surprise and it will be really nice.
This picture I took for my friend Carol W. Carol this is a Methow Woolly Sponge bird, that is only found near a field of sheep. It gathers hay to feed it's young, and is usually hard to find, it's very rare.