Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Time Well Spent

With the Holidays behind us, these are the kind of days we can spend doing the things we don't have time to do like in the spring or summer, I consider time well spent. Even before the holidays, after a three years of not weaving, I pulled my loom out away from the wall and planned a weaving project of cotton towels, every thing came back to me like getting back on the horse after falling off. I enjoyed my time back on the loom. I needed some cotton towels for gifts, and one of them was for our annual hand woven towel exchange at our Shear Creative Guild Christmas party. As always a great time with great creative people, my friends.

Five towels in all
Shear Creative Guild members, Christmas Party 2013     
We had a great time visiting Family, the kids, my Dad, and brother and his family. Best of all the weather was perfect for winter driving.
Our Grand Daughter
One of the best things about the Holidays is being able to see our Grand Daughter, she turns Eighteen this year.
Once we got home, and made it through the New Year , I decided to finish the shawl that I started in November. I really love it, and the color, also it feels awesome  too.
New Lace project
This is my latest lace project, I'm really loving the color, and the pattern. The Yarn that is dyed in the state of Washington, the company is called Marinated Yarns. I'll have pictures later of it finished. January has been extremely cold, and long, but there have been moments that take your breath away, such as this sunrise.

        I wasn't sorry to see January done, and now February is going by quickly. So the evenings are being spent knitting while watching TV , but now it's staying lighter out later, that excites me, knowing spring is really around the corner.    My plans right now are to get a weaving project finished that I did for a friend, I made a warp and took it to her house and put it on her loom,  Then I will give her the weaving directions to follow, and she will be surprised to see what she will have when she's done. Then I've been also putting a warp on my loom, with the plan to make a couple of Rayon Chenille scarves. 
Coal says Hello
Jr. stays cozy on the Quilt on the back of the sofa
We will continue to work on our projects, trying to keep warm by the fire, hope the athletes do well in the Olympics. Have a great Valentines Day, and we will see you next month.