Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Up Date on Butterfly !

Seems our little Butterfly decided to stick around for a couple of days, so I got this really good picture of it before it disappeared.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy memorial Day weekend!

The beautiful visitor! The Rock Rose

I must say I can't believe it's been a month since I've posted. This has been a great month for good weather, a little cooler than last year and a bit to windy. So most of us that are always behind on things to do in the spring, like the veggie garden, are lucky this year,cause being behind will likely to pay off. We've had some mornings here recently that were in the thirties and people have lost their tomatoes etc to frost. All I've planted are potatoes, and then this week the rest. The strawberries are doing so good, as a matter of fact today there is a bright red juicy one out there right now, also the raspberries are doing fabulous and there are going to be plenty of them. I've been sick this month with ear infections, all brought on by the irritation of pollens. Two rounds of antibiotics and some steroids will bring me around to my feisty self again. Don't think that this has kept me from my activities, not in the least. It did put a dent in my line dancing, my head and my feet just didn't connect. Now June 1st at the Red Barn in Whinthrop a band will be playing and they play for line dancers and the group that I dance with are going to be there and try out what we've learned, that will be great fun and an eye opener. This weekend has been fun, but of course we are getting lots of traffic going by. Went to Twisp yesterday to meet Vicki and a friend of hers, Dawn. We met at the Saturday market, we toured around there for a while. Always lots to look at, I found this great bead of a frog, this was made by a local artist, it's so cute, then we went to Whintrop and did some looking around. Boy allot of people love to come here and I can't blame them. I just finished reading a book called "The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs. This was a fun book to read, any of us that are in with knitting groups and different kinds of close knit groups will relate to this story, with a surprise ending. So to close for now, and I hope you like the pictures, one of the rock flower, we have lots of these in our yard, not everyone has them, the conditions need to be just right. The little flower is only about an inch across. Then the visitor I had at the front door just today, and I think it's a monarch butterfly. Love to hear form every one, I get a little lonesome for my friends. LoveDiana