Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Imagination Was Running Wild in Seconds

Just an hour ago I was on my daily walk. I have been walking on this quiet farm road since we moved here almost 5 years ago. In the last year I have been walking almost every day and with a friend that lives on this road, but today she was feeling the cold weather just a little to much and just walk a little ways with me and then I was on my own. This road has one of the biggest cattle ranches in the Methow on it, and often I will talk to the herd. Like how much they have grown, or how much they stink and so on, when suddenly this white tailed deer came running down the drive way right at me, so I thought I shouldn't look it in the eye so I turned and started walking the other direction, and at the same time one of the neighbors was pulling out of his drive way, and I thought he'll rescue me. I would look behind me and the darn thing was trotting up behind me , then it was to my side and I started to yell and wave my arms, and it ran away. then as I caught my breath and my senses, the neighbor pulled up and said "That deer is tame and thinks your going to pay attention to it. I have never seen this Deer before and I wasn't about to hold still so it could pummel me to death. I was frightened by it. Well thought it might be an interesting thing to tell. I feel silly, but you can't trust a wild animal or a wild man. Ha Ha Boy it's hard to catch up since Thanksgiving, but I'll try. Of course there was Christmas, and we went to the coast, had a great visit with the family, especially our two son's and our sweet Granddaughter. The weather was perfect for traveling and we were grateful. To go back before Christmas, my Omak Spinners group had a party and a hand woven towel exchange, and I got the most beautiful towel that was made by my friend Diane, it was made of fine cotton and the weave structure is call Huck, she did a perfect job of weaving it.
What lovely ladies we are! Diane is next to me front row second from the left. Sandra got my towel, and she is the forth in the front to the left of me. Seems like a long time ago already. Well again, I must digress, just before this Christmas party, I did weave a cute little scarf.
Well darn I'm not sure how to flip it now that it's in the blog, but you get the idea. When I go to knitting retreat, we have a rummage sale, that's putting it loosely, no not rummage, but there are some really great buys of yarns and books, most stuff has to do with knitting. Well I picked up this knitting yarn with the idea I would weave it. I really love the little thing, and the weave structure, which is called "Undulating Twill ". I wanted to find a way of showing off the many pretty colors in the warp