Monday, December 17, 2007

The sale went without a hitch but I did'nt!

One of the many towels
The Romney mixed with Mohair

Our new home for the Spinners @ Weavers

Here it is a little less than a month since I last posted. I should know better , because I have the worlds worse memory. I do remember that I worked really hard one getting my back better by knitting retreat. Then coming home and preparing for the Spinners and Weavers sale, I had sold so many of the towels I had wove, that I had to start a whole new batch and that took some time. I've been going to the Chiropractor and twice a week taking allergy shots and that seems to take up lots of time. I finished, what I call a a life time spinning project, only because I would get bored and put it away and start something else that I'm sure will be way more fun and usually is. I finally finished and I'm very happy with the results. So we are always excited at the guild when the Holidays are here, because it's time to gather all the projects we've been doing just for the sale and set up for the sale. Well this year was different, in that we were changing the time and place, but with the support of our community, local paper and the local radio stations, the word got out. We moved into the new studio that one of our members built, and is so kind in sharing with us. I can hardly express the joy we have for this new building. This is a building that is large has lots of windows and lights, also heat which we were lacking in our last building, not that there wasn't any heat, you just couldn't notice it. So the sale went without a hitch, but I didn't. I volunteered to help on Saturday, Katie came and picked me up, and off we went to meet our public. Well when we arrived we were so surprised on how many things had already sold the day before. There was still lots of beautiful things yet to go. Well a couple of hours into the day, I was digging through some bags looking for tissue paper, and BAM! I got a hitch in my back. Well I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish the day, then came along Katies husband Rick, and nicely offered to take me home. Boy it took clear to Monday night before I could walk normal, but I'm doing fine now, but I won't stop holding my breathe yet. The sale was a huge success, we couldn't have asked for better. So now we are already planning strategies for next year, will it be the year for blankets, maybe towels again, it's always fun. Now , after the sale I was asked to weave a couple of more towels for some friends to give as gifts, it's always so satisfying to be a part of that. The spinners that meet at my house on the second Monday of the month came and we had a great time, Jan was back from her many travels and responsibilities, so good to see her. Our Friends, Sandra and Ingrid that come from Omak. This is always one of my most favorite days , love you guys. Now in December our Omak guild has a Christmas party, and boy howdy it's a good one too. Debbie opened her house to us all, and we had a regular Christmas Feast. There is also a gift exchange of hand woven towels, or if you don't feel like a towel, well then something else hand made. I was in the towel exchange, and my towel was made by my friend Ingrid, and it is beautiful.Thank you Ingrid! Katie and I left for home before dark, full and feisty, I'm mean festive! With your beautiful gifts in hand. So todayI got my Christmas card off in the mail, with a sigh of relief. I would like to wish all of you a merry Christmas and stay safe through the Holidays. Love Diana, Mom @ Nana

Monday, November 19, 2007

Opps forgot the group picture, L to R Dorothy, Carol, Holly, JorJan, me & sitting JoAn

What did I bring home on my fall vaction? Part Two

After we finally unloaded the car, we went our separate way, only because Katie stays on the top floor and I'm down on the second floor. When I walked in the building an old feeling comes over me, kind of like coming home, because there sat my friends of twenty years already there and waiting for me. There was Dorothy, who's birthday it was, and Carol, JoAn, Holly & Jan, my partners in knitting crime (if there is such a thing). We've been sharing this area together for a few years with another group. Now, you have to know there have been up to one hundred and fifty of us knitters at this retreat, and allot of them have been coming for as long as we have. So I get my chair all set up, and by the way I got this really nice new chair too, it has a table on the side and a bunch of pockets, I'm styling. Holly brought some home made soup, so we all decided to stay and eat that for dinner so we could catch up on the last year. I promised Lonny I would take care of my self, rest when I needed to and all that, well I told him when Dorothy says she going to bed then I will too. So when Dorothy said she was going to bed, I soon followed. In the morning, well let me not bore you with to many details, but we do get many of our meals there at the forts fairly new and very nice building were they have a restaurant feeling help your self cafeteria. Some of the most laughs we have have been there. As the days go on, and we have hit some new knit shops and some familiar ones, we continue to enjoy each others company, as we do every year and will continue to. When it's time to pack up and leave and take that group picture as we always do. I'm standing at the railing waving goodbye to my long time friends, all the emotions come and I'm thinking how lucky I am to be able to continue doing this every year. Crying comes easy, because I know it's going to a whole year before we do this again. So what did I bring home from my vacation? The sense of being cared for and loved, and knowing that because of something we have in common, knitting this will continue to bring us together year after year. Diana

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What did I bring home on my fall vacation

Beautiful hand dyed yarns, by Heidi.
Port Gamble Wa.

What did I bring home on my fall vacation? Well lets start from the beginning. My vacation is, every year at the same time, same place, and I love it that way, because I have learned that I am most definitely a creature of habit. This has been a habit now for twenty years, some people smoke, or fix cars etc, I go to my knitting retreat at Fort Warden. Now this was the first year in some time I have broken a tradition, I usually drive to Everett and pick up my friend Carol, and we have our routine. Well since I've moved this routine has become difficult because of the long hours of driving. So it only made good sense to change that and make a different plan. Well a year ago Katie moved here, and lives only a half mile from me. I originally knew of Katie from going to Knitting retreat, she had her friends there that she hung out with, and she lived in Seattle. Over the years when we were working on this house, I would run into her at the Saturday Market in Twisp, she told me she was also planning on moving here. Well long story short she did move and I'm grateful she did for many reasons, but one being she and I can drive to retreat together. Change can be good sometimes, and this has been good in that Katie knows and goes to many different places then I've ever been. So our route this year was to travel over the North Cascades highway, take I-5 to Edmond's and drive to Port Gamble, because there is a new spinning and knitting shop right in the beautiful down town area. The shop is called The Artful Ewe. The shop is owned by Heidi Parra, and she dyes beautiful yarns and spinning fiber and I came home with some. Then we were off to Bainbridge, well Katie has her trusty map with her and as Katie will be Katie we took a back road and found our way there just fine and pass up all the heavy traffic areas. The yarn store we were to visit is called Church Mouse, and its a very trendy yarn store. The store was having a display of Fair Isle knitted items, being Katie is prolific at this style of knitting she had plenty to offer them. So I believe I found the prefect cup of Espresso coffee I've ever had, after we went to Church Mouse we decided to get a snack so we went to a coffee shop called Black Birds Bakery, very awesome. So then it was time to go back up island to get to our destination, Fort Warden. We arrived about four thirty and unloaded and headed to our rooms and to see our friends. To be continued! Diana

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sometimes all you have to do is.....

The Rancher and his toy, but runs like a champ!
Here is just three out of seven or eight machines. Th second from the right was built in 1884.

Here L. to R. Me, Karen and Betty Jo

Hello there!

Sometimes all you have to do is walk out your door and look around and see if somethings out there that you missed seeing or maybe it could be a small ride in the car to discover something new and beautiful. Yesterday was a day like that, so unexpected and surprising. Yesterday was Saturday October 27, and all I was expecting was for Katie to come pick me up for a trip over the mountain to go to the spinning and weaving guild meeting, that you often hear me mention.

So around ten A. M. Katie arrives, we load up and head out, we had a brief stop in Omak, for Katie to pick up some field seed, then we headed for Conconully. The weather was OK, kind of overcast, but comfortable, but the ride up the conconully hwy is always no matter what time of the year is just so pretty. We arrived a little early, so we decided to drive around town, which only takes two seconds, but they do have the oldest post office in the state of Wash. now that's pretty cool, the spinning day was to be spent at MJ's house. M. J. had her home so cute with Halloween decorations, but most of all when everybody showed up there were fifteen of us, now we are all from all over the area, but most the time those of us who come from the Methow come the farthest, but it's so worth it. We did do a lot of dicusstion about future projects and some things were decided, so next year things will be interesting and educational. Around two thirty Katie and I got ready to head to our next stop, Katie had arranged for us to go to this Alpaca farm in Oroville. The adventure begins, Katie knows a way to go on some back roads to avoid having to travel back down to the main hwy. So off we go, and what a feast for the eye's, we still have some fall colors here and that was a treat, but there were all these little lakes and cute cabins, forest ands ranches, the scenery was beautiful, Katie and I were like saying look at this and look at that, unbelievable. We started up at around two thousand foot level and as we were coming down we could see Mt's. and hills sides, then it started to get to be more ranches and farms a little closer together , we knew we had to be closer to the hwy. Suddenly on the side of the road Katie spots these old tractors all lined up, and there was a man out there messing around with one of them, so we asked him if we could take pictures and of course he said yes. So we took some pictures and then the guy says would you like for me to start this one up and we said yes, well this tractor was a 1912 what ever, but boy it started up first crank, yes I said crank. Well we had to go, so very soon we were to the hwy just south of Tonasket, we headed north to Oroville. Soon we came to our turn and found Alpaca Cloud Ranch, right on a lake called Soyoos, and part of this lake is in Canada, so we were very close to the Canadian Boarder. Katie knew she was at the right place, because here were all these adorable Alpacas milling around in the corrals. Karen is the owner, but we also had a surprise, there also was Betty Jo Roberts there to greet us, we were in her neck of the woods too. We went in and had some one on one with these gorgeous animals, and getting up close with the babies, so fun. Then was the real fun, and that was getting to see all the lovely fiber that these prize winning animals produced. Of course we had to go home with some and one of us more than the other. It's getting late, so we had better head home, not even thinking that there would be another surprise, but oh my stars, the sunset heading back up the mountain was spectacular. What a surpise of a day! I hope my dear ole friends and my dear new friends that you may have a day were you walk out your door and find something totaly unexpected. Diana


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall is a time to share and make soup

Even though it was grey and wet near Levenworth, the colors were so beautiful!
I always love the fall season, as do many people I know. I was thinking just this weekend about my dear friend Dorothy, and how beautiful it is to drive up her quarter mile drive way when the leaves are falling and the colors are to die for. Saturday the thirteenth of October was a beautiful fall day, and that was the day the Omak spinners guild was meeting at Ingrid's house. Luck would have that my friend Vicki just happen to be at her cabin at Mazama, the north end of the beautiful Methow Valley, and she was available to go with me ,and my friend Diana too. So we piled into my car and off we went up and over the Loup Loup Pass to Omak. I love going to Ingrid's house , it's so interesting and she has her weaving room right by the kitchen so a person can go in there and be inspired and just enjoy. There were I think about twelve of us there and as usual we are all fine cooks and love to eat and share soup, salads and desserts. We really do finally sit and spin, talk and share. I love my time with all these people. Then during the week I got to take care of Katie's kitties, and she has a very shy one that hides and won't come out, so there have been times I wasn't even sure she was there, but after a year of taking care of them off and on, I was there one after noon talking to the other cat Pushkin, and getting their food and water something caught my eye and there standing right by me was Teasel. Well I told her how honored I was and how beautiful she is, she made my day. Katie came home on Wednesday, then on Thursday Lonny and I left for the coast, then Katie will take care of Jr. for us, I'm so grateful that katie loves cats and it makes me feel good knowing that he's well cared for. I went to the coast, because I had a Dr's appt. and this Dr. is retiring, so it was the last one ever after twelve years, and then he tells me that the Dr. I was thinking of going to in Wenatchee is retiring too. After the appointment we went to Lonny's Mom's house and she took us out to dinner. The next day Vicki picked me up and we went shopping, I have been needing shoes for ever, we have shoes around here but for some reason they think their shoes are worth the price of gold. We ended up at the outlet center in Marysville, I have never been there, and we found all kinds of things we would have bought if we had an endless amount of money, but we don;t and I bought two pairs of shoes and called it good. We had lunch and then we went to Joann Fabrics and drop off some cash there. I loved my time with Vicki but soon she had to take me back. That evening Lonny and I went to Ely's and picked him up for dinner out. We went to the Olive Garden and had a great dinner and visit. It was raining so hard and of course it was the weekend of that terrible storm, but after dinner we went to Top Foods, because I forgot my tooth brush, and then we went to Micheal's crafts, that was fun walking around there and looking at all the fun things they have, we are easily amused. We went to Ely's Starbucks store he works at and got to meet his co workers and the beautiful new store, it was truly nice. Well we had to take Ely home an say our goodbyes, it's not easy, we love you so much. The next day we got up and headed home, but first we went to Jen's home to drop off a coffee table and to visit him and Samantha. It's always so good to see them, and even though it was a short visit, it was a good one and then again it's hard to say good bye. Love you Jens and Sam! When we left it was grey and rainy, Yuk! and it continued to be that way all the way to Leavenworth, but by the time we got to Wenatchee the sky cleared and the sun was out, we knew we were close to home. That's a great feeling. I hope you are enjoying the fall and cooking your favorite soups too. Diana

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This one is for you Holly

The first weekend in September is the Okanagan County Fair. I was there all weekend demonstrating drum carding, I couldn't sit so I stood the whole time. I entered four things, and got blues on them all, but on this skein of your I also got a Reserve Champion. So now it's October and the temps are dropping. We've had twenty degree mornings already, which made my Dad decide it was time to go home for the winter. The fall colors have been really awesome this fall and we even had a little rain, it's only rain maybe a total of two days this whole year. So thanks to Holly for calling me and wondering if I had fallen off the face of this earth, I will be back to writing in my blog!
The garden was beyond our expectations! The Kids, Jens and Sam came back in August and we ate allot of things from the garden. Here's Sam with one of our mouth watering water melons, this was a volunteer from last year, we got three big ones. Lots of corn, beans and potatoes. Also in August Something went awfully wrong in my lower back, but it's coming around now just in time for knitting retreat, I can't hardly wait!

Got four of these monster towels off my loom! My friend Jackie from Lake Stevens came for a visit, and we got her started on weaving and had a great visit, and then early in August she came back for a weaving lesson with our esteemed leader Kay. I enjoyed our visit so much!

Jens and Sam came to visit the last week of July, Sam turned 11. We always have a good time. Love you Jens and Sam!

Hello to all my friends and family! It's been since the third of July since I've posted. So I'll just briefly with pictures do a run down of what I can remember about my summer. Well here's some fire works we watched at Brewster, they have this fab show right out in the Columbia River, we went with our friends Ray and Jenine, oh yeah, we also had a great meal at a Mexican restaurant there too.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fun was had by all!

The wild flower picture
L To R Me,Betty, Katie and Deb

L To R Mj,Thresa,Eve, Betty,Liz, Sandra and Deb

Hello! I'm still feeling good about my time in Stehekin, even though it took me several days to come out of my jet lag of being away from home, I don't know how people travel, I guess you get use to it. So before last week end I finally felt better and prepared to go over to the guild meeting in Omak, but really the meeting was at Betty Jo Roberts house and she lives between Tonasket and Orville. Katie drove, thank you Katie! So it was me, Katie and Deb who went from our valley. I had never been any further than Omak for years, now you see, I'm not much of a traveler, and it was a beautiful day for this trip. It probably takes an hour and a half or so to get to Betty's' house, but before we got there we saw some beautiful scenery, what a lovely area this is. Oh, and of course we stopped for coffee at a very nice espresso place near Tonasket. We were the first to arrive and so we got a nice tour of the house and the best choice of chairs to sit in for spinning. Betty is an extraordinary person and I think shes been like a pioneer in her life, I don't know all the details but for those of you who don't know of her she has been building spinning wheels and looms for years, not just ordinary things but works of art. She spends hours collecting wild flowers and drys them to put in her wheels and looms, she also puts the flowers and butterflies into pictures. I can hardly touch the surface of what she does. While I was in Stehekin, a friend Norma gave me a box full of butter flies and I had told her that I was going to take them to Betty, so I did and she was thrilled to get them, so thrilled that she gave me one of her pictures she does with her dried flowers preserved in resin. So soon the others arrived and we had a good size group to visit with and spin. There was as always a pot luck, and oh my it was awesome. Then after that Betty took us on a tour of her flowers and her wood shop. It was a very pleasant day for us all. Soon it was time to say good bye and hugs all a round and we were off for home and lots of good memories with us. So now I have to get myself ready for this weekend, because I'm going to be at a garage sale extraordinaire, this is huge, and I'm going to sell the towels I just took off my loom, and most of my rubber stamps that I collected over the years, and if I can get to and find some antique do dads for the kitchen. Maybe I'll finally sell this antique spinning wheel too. Wish me luck! Diana

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Stehekin Valley Ranch

Vicki thinking about her wonderfull time she had on her way back to Chelan
Nora, who will help Lindsey with her knitting

The roomies,in back Vicki, in frount LtoR Marge, me and Alice.

So sorry you had to leave a day early, LtoR, Marilynn, Evelynn and Debbie from the Omak area.

Welcome Lindsey to knitting, I'm hoping this is something you will find life changing !

How time flies, it seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I had been to the Stehekin Ranch owned and operated by the Courtney's, Cary & Cliff, also many family members. Here I was getting ready to go again, but this time with my good friend Vicki. She arrived Wednesday the 21, late in the afternoon, we had a good visit and we took Lonny out to dinner with us, we went to one of our favorite hamburger joints " Mick & Mickies " in Twisp. then we came home and finished getting things in the car for our trip. So the next day, we left here in my car about 6:45am and headed South down the Valley to Lake Chelan, we hardly saw another car on the way, it was a beautiful day too. We arrived at the Lake Chelan Boat Co. in plenty of time to unload and then to load on to the boat, also to park the car. When we arrived there was a few of my friends there from the Coast and Mariylnn and here sister Evelynn from the Omak area. So good to see my ole friends from the Coast, it had been a very long time, lots of hugs all around. So we loaded onto the boat and off we went. This was Vicki's first time on this trip so that was really fun to share it with her. While we were traveling up Lake Chelan, I noticed a young woman with her Mother, and she was trying to knit, I watched her for a while and thought it would be so much easier for her with just a couple of minutes of help, so I sat down beside her and asked her if she would like some help and she said yes. So I spent a few minutes showing her how to cast on, and how to pick knit. She was off and running and it pleased me so much to see that, I told her I would check on her because she was going to work for the summer at the restaurant in Stehekin. When we arrived we caught the bus to the ranch, that's nine miles from the town. We arrive just in time to unload our stuff and say hello to the friends that are already there and in time for lunch. The food at the ranch was so good this year. Thirty of us spinners were all there by Friday and what a great time we had, I got lots of spinning done and a pair of mittens , and lots of eating done. Saturday night after dinner and before it got dark, some of the staff from the Stehekin Restaurant, and there was Lindsey, the young lady from the boat, I was so happy to see her, she said she liked her job allot, and I told her I would introduce her to a local lady I know that would be glad to help her with her knitting. Show and tell was on Sunday, and you wouldn't believe the awesome things people brought to show . So much stuff I can't even begin to mention. We had such a great time and Vicki said she really enjoyed her self and would like to do this again. We bunked in cabin ten, with Alice and Marge. Alice and Marge were up in the loft, and Vicki and I were sharing a queen size bed. This arrangement works out well, and Vicki and I didn't kick each other out of bed. Monday came so fast and it was time for us to leave, we had some time before the boat came so we did some sight seeing. When we got to town there was still some time so we went to the Stehekin Restaurant for a soda and Lindsey was working, so we had a minute for a few words and an introduction to my knitting friend Nora, a hug goodbye, and we'll keep in touch(I hope). Off we went on the boat to go home, and it was over for another year, so sad. I'll be looking forward till next year, to see my dear friends again. So now it's back to the ole grind. Well I have Knitting retreat to look forward to in Nov. When I got home the veggie garden had grown so much in those five days I was gone I couldn't believe it! really am glad to be home. Love Knits Plenty (Diana

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Knitting is still exciting in the Methow

Sitting on the deck at the Ranch! Last years roomies, sitting in the commons area were we gather and have meals.

Hi, yes I'm posting again this week, but I had to tell you the great news. Went to knit night at the gallery and we got two new people who came for their first time wanting to learn how to make socks on two circular needles, how cool is that. They have been knitters, but had never tryed this method, so they started very well. It was a great evening. I'm also getting pumped cause in a week I'm going to Stehekin to the spinning Rendezous, which will be the 25th year, but this is my third year. Vicki is going too, and this is her first time. For those who may not know were Stehekin is, it's at the north end of Lake Chelan, and the only way to get there is by plane or boat, well you can hike in too from different trails. But me I take the fast boat from the Chelan Boat Co. It take around one and a half hours. We'll arrive at Stehekin and then we catch the bus to the Stehekin valley Ranch nine miles up the road. On the way we stop at the bakery to pick up pies for the dessert after dinner. What a wonder full place to be with good friends and peace and quiet, no phones no T. V. Well I'm off to Weavers guild today. Hope your having a great day too. Knits Plenty

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm having grass envy !

Towels on the loom, the pattern is "Monks Belt" Instant Grass

Putting down the top soil

Well after much moving of rocks and dirt, then adding top soil, Saturday Dad and I drove to Wenatchee and picked up some sod. Got home around three and Lonny had it all down by dinner time, instant grass. So it seems now we are having grass envy and are thinking about looking into hydro seeding, so more about that later. Well I got my towels going and I'm enjoying the process of weaving them. I really like to go to my weaving room and put on some nice relaxing music and just get in the zone. It helps that there's nothing worth watching on T. V. I'm also reading a trilogy about a young Norwegian girl growing up in the medieval time of Norway. The first book is called "The Wreath" second is "The Wife" and last"The Cross". The name of the author is Sigrid Undset. I enjoyed the first one very much and I'm just starting the second and so far it's good too. Well yesterday was Spinners Monday here at the house and we had a very good turn out, there was eight of us all together and we had a wonderful visit. Afterwards Katie and I went for a walk on the good ole Munday Rd. the road I walked on all last summer and I missed doing that, so it was really nice to start that habit again. Today I'm trying really hard to get the last of the garden planted. It was cold this morning, only forty eight degrees, but it did warm up quickly. Some bad news, I have two friends here that husbands are having serious health problems. My friend Val who is my T.O.P.S. Buddie and a member of the weavers guild, husband George has had a very serious stroke, and my friend Diana's husband just last night went into the hospital with Congestive heart failure. Well all the rest of us can do is keep on keeping on I guess. So I think I'm going to finish the garden and go do some weaving . Love Knits Plenty

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Second time around

L-R My Dads brother Paul, me and my Dad, standing by our Sun Burst Locus
My line dance buddies, thats me in the middle with the groovy hat!

Now this is knitting in the Methow!

Well maybe two times is a charm, because last night I had my whole posting all done I was down loading the pictures and playing solitaire too, and boom, I clicked on something wrong, and bam it was all gone. So here I am again, and my story hasn't changed. Last Friday was the big live band at the Whinthrop Red Barn, which is were allot of functions are held in the area. This was our first opportunity to try out what we learned at our line dance lessons. Great fun was had by all, we did find the music live was allot faster than we were use to, but we were warned about that. All in all we did very well, but we just heard yesterday that our dear teacher Debbie has an injury to her foot and may take the summer off (excuses, excuses). No really, we couldn't have asked for a better more patient person. This blog is suppose to be about knitting in the Methow, well I've been doing that among other things too. I just finish a hat and mitten set out of my hand spun of wool, this wool had been carded and designed by Linda Frymier , and then I knit another hat out of the same yarn. My next knit project will be some fuzzy mittens similar to the ones I post a while back (blue fuzzy ones). I'm hoping to make a couple of pairs for mine and your favorite gallery " The Ashford Gallery" in beautiful down town Whinthrop! Since the first of May I've been trying to warp my loom for some towels. This has been put back till the last couple of days, for one reason the weather has cooled down and it's been raining, so upstairs to my weaving room I can go. I had only made two threading mistakes and they were easily fixed. So now I'm on my way to about six towels. So my Dad has decided to put some grass around his trailer, so today Lonny rototilled it for him, pictures to come later. This week is "Wednesday Knit Night at the Gallery" I Hope everyone will be there. Hope we get some more rain before the week is out, than it can stop. Have a groovy June! L. Knits Plenty

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Up Date on Butterfly !

Seems our little Butterfly decided to stick around for a couple of days, so I got this really good picture of it before it disappeared.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy memorial Day weekend!

The beautiful visitor! The Rock Rose

I must say I can't believe it's been a month since I've posted. This has been a great month for good weather, a little cooler than last year and a bit to windy. So most of us that are always behind on things to do in the spring, like the veggie garden, are lucky this year,cause being behind will likely to pay off. We've had some mornings here recently that were in the thirties and people have lost their tomatoes etc to frost. All I've planted are potatoes, and then this week the rest. The strawberries are doing so good, as a matter of fact today there is a bright red juicy one out there right now, also the raspberries are doing fabulous and there are going to be plenty of them. I've been sick this month with ear infections, all brought on by the irritation of pollens. Two rounds of antibiotics and some steroids will bring me around to my feisty self again. Don't think that this has kept me from my activities, not in the least. It did put a dent in my line dancing, my head and my feet just didn't connect. Now June 1st at the Red Barn in Whinthrop a band will be playing and they play for line dancers and the group that I dance with are going to be there and try out what we've learned, that will be great fun and an eye opener. This weekend has been fun, but of course we are getting lots of traffic going by. Went to Twisp yesterday to meet Vicki and a friend of hers, Dawn. We met at the Saturday market, we toured around there for a while. Always lots to look at, I found this great bead of a frog, this was made by a local artist, it's so cute, then we went to Whintrop and did some looking around. Boy allot of people love to come here and I can't blame them. I just finished reading a book called "The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs. This was a fun book to read, any of us that are in with knitting groups and different kinds of close knit groups will relate to this story, with a surprise ending. So to close for now, and I hope you like the pictures, one of the rock flower, we have lots of these in our yard, not everyone has them, the conditions need to be just right. The little flower is only about an inch across. Then the visitor I had at the front door just today, and I think it's a monarch butterfly. Love to hear form every one, I get a little lonesome for my friends. LoveDiana

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hello, I'm still here knitting in the Methow!

Manure producer ! So cute Square knitting needles

Weeds in the garden, house and Dads' trailer in back ground

Yes it's true, I'm still alive and well. I thought you were all tiered of my ramblings. So I thought I would give you a break, so here I go. So many things have happened since I last posted, a couple of things I remember is Jay and Vicki coming over here to their cabin, and what a great visit we had.Then I remember going to spin at Conconully, and what a beautiful day that was. Katie came with me, then we meet Ingrid and Mary and drove the Conconully Hwy. the hills were just gorgeous covered with the yellow Daisy that grows prolific here.The sun was shinning and you couldn't ask for more. We met at Elaine's house, that she alone has remodeled from an old log cabin to a beautiful log cabin. She is also a dog musher and a potter, also a weaver. There were thirteen of us and it was a lively group. Betty Jo Roberts was there and she was full of lots to tell us. For those of you who don't' know who she is, well shes a weaving loom builder and she also builds beautiful spinning wheels and has done this for years. There is a Yahoo group that is for Betty Jo Roberts, you should look it up if your interested in such a interesting person. Shes' ruff and ready at all times with a heart of gold. I haven't gone to my knitting groups much, they kinda wind down this time of the year cause people get busy with outdoor things. I'm still going to line dancing though and I still love it. Oh, I forgot to mention that Betty Roberts showed us her newest invention, square knitting needles, straights and circular . She said that she has had trouble for years due to Arthritis in her hands she could no longer knit, she also has a digit missing on her right hand, now how this happened I'm not sure. So I bought a circular from her and asked her what size the needle was and she said "I don't know" so I looked at it and said it's about a 5 or a 6, she said" looks about right to me".Betty says she can knit again now with these square needles. I gave then a try and they do work very well, but the edges sort of made my hands sore. So I've been getting serous about the veggie garden, I'm not sure what I'm going to plant yet, but first the weeds need to come out and the goat manure goes on, then rototiller it. My Dad was helping me today, I really welcome the help. Lonny was gone to the coast this last Friday and Saturday, he went to surprise his Mom with some of his other siblings for her 87th Birthday, and also to pick up some more of his stuff he's had farmed out over there. While he was gone, my Dad and I went out to dinner in Whinthrop at a place I've mentioned before "Vittles", it was so good. Then on Saturday we went to the Saturday Market in Twisp, this market is a fun place to go, and more so as the growing season goes on.It's been very windy here, so that drys things out really fast, so I'm watering allot already. I've been hiking down to the river almost every day, I love this walk, I see and hear so many wonderful things. Hope you've had a great April and have an even greater May! How'd we get from Jan to May so fast? Love you all "Knits Plenty", Diana

Friday, April 13, 2007

Time flies when your busy having fun!

My finished Tea Cozy, the center is woven in Huck spot lace then embroidered. The final woven lace projects! If only you could see these in person !
Sam in Winthrop, looks like she hitching for a ride up north, hmm.

Easter Bunnie!

Wednesday the fourth of April , Jens and Samantha arrived around three in the afternoon. It was so good to see them, and My Dad arrived a little before them. So then we spent time getting his trailer really for another summer.Then that evening we all had dinner together, it was nice. The next day Sam and I went to town to have your coffee time together, she got to see the owners of "Cool Beans" in Twisp and had a nice visit. They told her when she's old enough she can get a summer job there.Like every Thursday it was Guild day for the Methow Valley Spinners and Weavers.It's a slow day of the month were we get together and just talk about anything. Then Friday morning we had horse back riding lessons with Lori, and Lori surprised me again by inviting me to ride too. It was such a beautiful warm day, we spent alot of time grooming the horses for this was thier first ride of the year and boy they were dirty and hairy. That was great fun! Jens love astrology, and brought his telescope with him because on a clear night you can see stars forever. We did see Saturn with its rings, that was so awesome. Saturday morning early we went to an Easter egg hunt at Perrigan Lake near Winthrop, it was set up really nice and had an Easter bunny for the kids to get pictures with, Sam is ten and was in that age group, but Lucky for them there weren't that many kids, so they got lots of fun things in there Easter Eggs. Friday the 6th was my Dad's Birthday, 85. So Saturday we had a Birthday/Easter dinner , with ham etc.Then Sunday morning came and it was over, Jens and Sam had to leave, but I told Sam it won't be that long befor she will be back. Love you Sam! So then Monday was Spinners Monday at my house and we had a great time visiting, Laurie brought her Icelandic sheeps fiber that she had prossed into roving, and it is just beautiful.There's nothing like sharing an interest with people and sharing ideas.I love these Mondays. So after Monday it was crunch time, the Guild challenge poroject is due on the 9th. So lesson are learned when you put off what you had a year to accomplish. I didn't get it done till the last minute and I suffered for it. If anything could go wrong it did. I finished it , and I must say it turned out just fine and was a hit at the unveiling of our projects. So Dad took me out to dinner and we went to "Mick and Mickes" for hamburgers and a beverage, Mmmmm good.So tonight Dad and I are going to the Native American feather dance put on at the Merc Playhouse in Twisp, I'm looking forward to it. I did finish the other Nordic style mitten and they turned out fab. Now I must get my shawl done and start working in the vegetable garden, cause next moth I'm going with Vicki to "The Stehekin Valley Ranch" for the spinning rendezvous, Opps thats in June, well what can I say I'm excited! Happy April and keep on keeping on! knits Plenty

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Samanthas visiting

Samanthas drawing of a woman Japanese warrior
Sam with Jr.

I would like to introduce to you my Grand Daughter Samantha!

Hi my name is Samantha. I visit my Grandma as much as I can!

I think my grandma is the best. I love her so much! On vacations I spend most of my time in Twisp. When I am here I like to visit my good friends Tony and Lee. Tony makes the best snicker mocha's. They own "Cool Beans" in Twisp. I also like to visit with my Grandma's cat Jr., he's a very sweet kitten. Today I am planning on visiting my friends Tony and Lee to have coffee, also I will be going to spinning and weaving guild. Later on I will be working on my scrapbook for my horse back riding teacher, Lori. Friday I will be taking horse back riding lessons with her. Thank you for reading this page. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Kaye Collins at Whidby Island Weavers and Spinners Spin in

Happy Easter ! Jackie, Sonja and (Sinjeh Sp) we do knit too, not just eat.
Laurie was the first to finish a sock!

Heavenly, knitting while I'm getting my feet rubbed.

So many good things have happened in the last week. Wednesday March 28th was knitting at the Ashford Gallery. I got a special treat from one of our twisted sisters Jackie. She is a reflexalogist (Sp), and wanted to give me the works for helping her with her knitting, even though I was more than happy to help. Oh my, was that an experience I'll never forget. What a fun group, Sara of course, Jackie and her mother Sonya,Deb,Laurie, and I don't know how to spell her name, I'll have to find out. Then Friday Lonny and I left for the coast, went and saw Jens our son and had dinner with our other son Ely. Was good to see them and all was well. Then we stayed at Lonny's Moms' house. The next morning I was off to meet Vicki, Dorothy and Anna Rose for a day of spinning and catching up with each other at the Whidbey Island Weavers and Spinners Guild 36th Annual Spin In. Boy howdy were there lots of vender's there, selling everything you could think of that you might need to help make your spinning even more enjoyable. So we got there around ten thirty and the rest of the day went by so fast I couldn't believe it. One of the reasons it went by so fast was the guest lecturer Kaye Collins, who is an expert on camelids, these are camels, llamas and alpaca. She has a HGA sponsored certificate of excellence, level l &ll, in hand spinning. She was a great wealth of information and passionate about the subject. I really learned allot. Before we knew it it was time to say goodbye to Annie,Fonell,Anette,Mildred,Carol,Evelyn,Pam and our new friend Aurora. Before our goodbyes we got together for dinner in Oak Harbour, that was a great end to a great day. We had a beautiful ride home the weather was clear and sunny. I would like to thank Jay for making Vicki and I such a fab lunch and Vicki for the gift of a back pack and all the goodies she put inside. A great time was had by all. So now I'm looking forward to tomorrow, because Jens and my Grand daughter are arriving, and also my Dad is opening up his trailer for the summer season. My Dad is having a Birthday on Saturday, he will be 85. So lots to look forward to. Enjoy your Easter for those who celebrate it. Diana

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Knitting and Weaving in the Methow!

The Nordic Mitten
The warp put through the reed
The warp through the heddles

The beginnings of my lace, the Swathmore lace

The Methow Spinners and Weavers Guild has a great project every year and if you look back in some of my post I briefly speak of it. Well this year it is woven lace. So I finally got a start on mine.I'm using a white mercerized cotton. Now, the way I came across this cotton was through a purchase I made many years ago at an estate sale, when I purchased a table loom. All kinds of things came with the loom,books, notebooks on weaving , workshop note books and a life that was no longer with us. A woman who loved to weave, I could tell by the many projects that she kept track of, carefully keeping notes, lovingly putting samples in so one day when someone long after she was gone would find some treasure in all these items. I remember how excited I was when I found this lady and her loom, I all most got a ticket in Snohomish for speeding, but was given a warning instead. So when I got home I marveled at the site of all these things and thought of what I was going to with them. But sadly I never did weave on that loom, but sold it to purchase the loom I have. With the hope in my heart that some day the knitting, spinning, weaving,quilting etc. will mean something to someone and give them the inspiration to go on to try what brings happiness to their heart. So back to my weaving project! This cotton was already in a warped chain, so all I had to do was put it on my loom. What happens when you don't start from the begging? Well you end up sometimes with something you didn't plan on. Because I waited till the last minute to get started on this ( it's due the second week of April) I'm sort of stuck to figure something out. The warp is very long, but didn't come out very wide. Now if I had done my figuring out on paper I would have known that. I did think of something to do when all is said and done, that I'll show you later. I've been almost avoiding working on it cause I'm not very inspired ( there's that word again). I will forge ahead and do the best I can. Even though spring is here I'm still finding the time to knit, and the example in the picture of the Nordic style mitten. I have one done and the other on it's way. I got this pattern from a book called "Folk Mittens" by Marcia Lewandowski. This book has been around for a while, but I finally got around to making something. The yarn that I used is my hand spun, the fiber is Merino-Targee cross breed sheep.I'm very happy with the yarn. I also have some news about me getting a new spinning wheel. It belonged to my dear friend Vicki, but she was looking to buy a new Jensen wheel.This is a Country Craftsman wheel, but I haven't got any information on the maker yet. I have been spinning on and find it pretty fast, but I'm catching up. I really think I'm going to like it. So then that brings me to having a wheel for sale. I'll do another post on that later. I'm heading over to the coast this Friday, and Saturday I'm going with Vicki , Dorothy and Anna Rose for Oak harbor for the "Whidbey Spinners and Weavers' Guild 36th Annual Spin-in" This is a really great weekend, I'm only going for Saturday even though it's for the whole weekend. That's about all for now. I love hearing from everyone so keep it coming. Knits Plent! Diana