Friday, September 6, 2013

Feeling it in My Bones

I am feeling it my bones, our already strange weather summer is coming to it's end. Our beautiful Methow valley has been hit with several storms lately. The humidity has been high, so our normally very dry area has made us hot and sticky. The powerful lightening storms have really been putting on a show, and the heavy rains, well they have closed one of the Mt. passes twice. This of course gives all us locals something to talk about at the, Post office, Hanks Market, and maybe the feed store. Life goes on regardless.
Black Eyed Susan
Some of the projects I've been busy with this summer, are a couple of Quilts. This one called the Black Eyed Susan, designed by Thimbleberries, I finished earlier at the beginning of this season, then sent it off to the capable hands of a Long Arm Quilter. Here's the finished Quilt.    

Thirties reproduction fabric
This I just finished a week ago, when my last finished Quilt came back, off went this one to be quilted. I had a fun time making both of these beauties. 
A Sneak Peek
Just a little sneak peek at the next one, yes pink and green, very cute. This one is small, but it will be beautiful. 
Country Craftsman
I have been spinning on my Country Craftsman wheel. I took it to the Shear Creative Guild, to keep there to spin on when I'm at a meeting. I'm spinning Blue faced Lester wool, I'm really enjoying it.  This weekend there are many things going on, such as the Okanagan Fair. Well that's all for now, oh but wait in a few weeks I will be preparing for my yearly trek off to Port Townsend, for my Knitting Retreat !