Sunday, October 26, 2008

We took a fall trip up into Canada

The beautiful sights on Hwy 33 in Canada
Greenwood Canada

The beautiful scarf!

Life is good here in the Methow! We have had the best fall weather, and the colors have been out standing. Last Saturday the 18th Katie and I took a trip over to Omak for the spinning meeting at Mary's house, couldn't have pick a better day for it, the sun was shinning and I think it got up to 62, amazing isn't it. There were just a few of us there, some were knitting and some were spinning, it was a great sharing experience. I have a few skeins of hand spun I just didn't know what I was going to do with, because there just wasn't enough to really make a vest, and just a little to much to just make mittens or something like that, but I ended up making a scarf, and I'm happy I did it turned out very nice. I just did a simple Feather and Fan pattern, The colors from the painted roving really show well, and besides I needed something to take to knitting retreat, also I decided to knit a dickey, yes a dickey with some more hand spun and it's coming along well,I should be done wit it tonight Ths last week Lonny and I took a trip, we left on Tuesday just after noon, and went East then North on up to Osoyoos border crossing into Canada. We thought we better do this be for they require a passport, so we dorve along the west side of Lake Okanagan, What a beautiful lake, it reminds me of Lake Chelan only much bigger. We drove all the way up to Oliver, which is at the end of the lake. In between was Penticton Kelowna and various other small towns. I was surprised at the big cities, and all the building going on, many housing developments, not many cute quaint towns. We got to Vernon just as it was starting to get dark, turned and went back towards Kelowna nd found a place to stay. The next morning we got on hwy. 33 and headed south down to Kettle Falls border passing. In between these two places were lot and lots of mountain road. We went over Sherman pass, and another smaller one, but Sherman pass is impressive, around 7o20 ft. Boy your ears do some popping. There was one cute little town towards the end of the Canadian side called Greenwood. The town reminds me a little of Snohomish, really cute. Low and behold there was a great yarn store there, and it had really nice quality goods, so I picked up a couple of patterns, you see I'm getting into gear for Knitting Retreat. We got over the border and to Kettle Falls Wash, we had lunch and tryed to contact some friends of ours from Lake Stevens that moved there just before we moved, but sadly they weren't home. So we headed home, got home in time to talk to our Grand Daughter Sam. Love to hear from her any chance we get. Love you so much Sam! So this week I am gearing up for Knitting Retreat, in case you haven't noticed. Katie and I will be heading out Wednesday morning, hopping to get over the North Cross this year, seems in the past it's been close this time of year. So I'll have lots to tell you when I get back. We had a surprise this week end, Lonny's childhood friends were back here in the valley this week end, and we all went out for dinner at a newest cafe here in sunny Carlton, and the food was great and so was the company. The farm on the south side of us is own by the niece and her family of Lonny's child hood friends, and I have to say it's nice living next to a young family. Well I'll be back to blog you next week! L. Knits Plenty Diana

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Timely (in good or bad time)

A local getting ready for winter
The ladies in the class!

What my quilt will look like when it's done

New table

I'm all ways amazed when it comes to good or bad timing, but I must say I've had some good timing lately. Remember our little visitor we had this last summer, Billy the bunny. Well I thought he was going to spend the winter here with us, but to tell you the truth, I really didn't want to take care of Billy through the winter, because it's just to hard with the cold and snow, changing frozen water etc. As much as I loved my bunnies when I had them, all these things that I didn't like to do came back to mind. Well one nice fall evening a week or so ago after dinner, I saw Billy and Jr. playing in the back yard, and went out to watch, so cute, but I was thinking that it's getting cold and I didn't have cage for him. Well not a half hour later, here came Jean @ Tyler, just taking a chance that they might catch Billy and take him home. So, I told them that I just saw him, so he must be close by. So I called him, he usually came when I would call, and sure enough there was Billy in a narrow wood shed, opened at both ends. So Jean and her son blocked Billy in till they caught him, took only a minute, he was just fine, but I could see it in his eye, that he was all ready missing his freedom. Ah, for me it was good timing that they came to get Billy, I was very happy and have visited him often. So my next, good timing, was when Vicki said she was going to take a class at Pacific Fabrics in Everett, so I thought that would be fun, and I needed some inspiration, so I checked on the class, thinking I would surprise her and show up for it. Well that was actually bad timing because I will be at Knitting retreat then. So I got on line and checked out our local quilt shop in Omack, Needlelyn Time. I found a great one day class and signed up for it. that was good timing because the class was starting in a week. The quilt is done by strip quilting, but the really groovy thing is the majority of the quilt strips are all ready cut, and you just have to pick a back ground fabric and a accent fabric. The strips that are cut come in what's called a jelly roll, and the color's match and the designs. So the class was fun, and I met some comical ladies from a town called Molson, which is on this side of the Canadian border, North of Oriville. This town also has one of the oldest ghost towns in the state of Wa. some day I'm going to go take a look see. Then there was another class member and that was Peg, she lives near Omack. Peg, was good timing for me, because she needed someone to go to a quilt show with her this Friday in Wenatchee, see how things work out. So sewing brings me to a resent good timing story. Do you remember about a year ago, I bought from one of my weaving friends a Singer Feather Weight Sewing machine? Well you all may already know this, but I didn't, the sewing machine has it's own table just for it. How did I learn this you ask? Well my dear friend Katie with her quick eyes and wit saw one at an antique shop in Montana, she called and left a message for me, that her and Rick found this Feather Weight Sewing Table, would I be interested? So I called her back, but the shop was far behind them, but that was a cool thing to learn about. Just this last Sunday Katie called and said "Rick and I have a surprise for you, we'll be over in an hour", Wow a surprise for me! Well they came and the surprise was truly a surprise. The same day they found the first table, they stopped in Reardan at another shop and can you believe the good timing, they found another table, the condition wasn't great, but they bought it and took it home, then Rick, a wood artist, took the time to finish the wood veneer and paint it around the edges, and some needed hardware. I am truly a lucky person, to have such good people for friends. Timing was good for my Dad today, he went home and missed the storm, but it was bad timing for me, I'll miss him terribly. Hope all your timing is good! L. Knits plenty Diana