Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall is rolling along nicely

Fall, so far has been very nice, and even though we are preparing for winter ,it's nice to do it in the sun. The wood is put up, the picnic tables are put away out of the weather, and most importantly my Dad's trailer is set for the snow and cold. The cat has stopped shedding, and the Dog is really putting on his under coat.

Mr. Coal Man               
We had a couple of weeks that we didn't meet at our Quilting group at the quilt shop, but I did get something done.
The Pink One
I call this the Pink One for reasons apparent in the picture, but in person it's lovely, and it will grow on me. I'll be sending it off to the quilter later this year.
The Thirties Reproduction Fabric
 My pin wheel thirties reproduction quilt came home from the long arm quilter, I'm very happy to have it back, and it turned out so beautiful.
A Happy Quilt
So I was reading a Blog that I always look forward to, this person doesn't post real often, but when she does it makes me happy. On her most recent post, she has been considering that she would stop Blogging. Several people wrote and protested, and begged for her to continue, and she is going to continue. I myself had been considering doing the same because I felt as though I was being to repetitious, but then I realized that I'm not just boring my family and friends, but people from all over the world. Blog Spot shows who and from where people are visiting your Blog. Well I'll keep posting and maybe someone from China may find my ramblings interesting. It's crazy, I have almost more people in Russia reading this blog than from here. 
    The bonus cutting of hay
    With the weather being so cooperative some of the hay farmers  got a third cutting ,  this is a bonus for them.            I will be heading for Port Townsend at the end of the month, for of course my yearly trek to see my friends at Knitting retreat. Katie and I usually go together, but we are bring some of our friends from here with us to share such a wonderful experience with them.
    What the heck is it ?
              I am knitting here in the Methow, I've been a little worried that I've lost my knitting Mojo, but maybe I'll be inspired at retreat. In the time before, I'm knitting this, and when I'm done I'll show you.   Hope your fall has been heart warming. Diana