Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Stehekin Valley Ranch

Vicki thinking about her wonderfull time she had on her way back to Chelan
Nora, who will help Lindsey with her knitting

The roomies,in back Vicki, in frount LtoR Marge, me and Alice.

So sorry you had to leave a day early, LtoR, Marilynn, Evelynn and Debbie from the Omak area.

Welcome Lindsey to knitting, I'm hoping this is something you will find life changing !

How time flies, it seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I had been to the Stehekin Ranch owned and operated by the Courtney's, Cary & Cliff, also many family members. Here I was getting ready to go again, but this time with my good friend Vicki. She arrived Wednesday the 21, late in the afternoon, we had a good visit and we took Lonny out to dinner with us, we went to one of our favorite hamburger joints " Mick & Mickies " in Twisp. then we came home and finished getting things in the car for our trip. So the next day, we left here in my car about 6:45am and headed South down the Valley to Lake Chelan, we hardly saw another car on the way, it was a beautiful day too. We arrived at the Lake Chelan Boat Co. in plenty of time to unload and then to load on to the boat, also to park the car. When we arrived there was a few of my friends there from the Coast and Mariylnn and here sister Evelynn from the Omak area. So good to see my ole friends from the Coast, it had been a very long time, lots of hugs all around. So we loaded onto the boat and off we went. This was Vicki's first time on this trip so that was really fun to share it with her. While we were traveling up Lake Chelan, I noticed a young woman with her Mother, and she was trying to knit, I watched her for a while and thought it would be so much easier for her with just a couple of minutes of help, so I sat down beside her and asked her if she would like some help and she said yes. So I spent a few minutes showing her how to cast on, and how to pick knit. She was off and running and it pleased me so much to see that, I told her I would check on her because she was going to work for the summer at the restaurant in Stehekin. When we arrived we caught the bus to the ranch, that's nine miles from the town. We arrive just in time to unload our stuff and say hello to the friends that are already there and in time for lunch. The food at the ranch was so good this year. Thirty of us spinners were all there by Friday and what a great time we had, I got lots of spinning done and a pair of mittens , and lots of eating done. Saturday night after dinner and before it got dark, some of the staff from the Stehekin Restaurant, and there was Lindsey, the young lady from the boat, I was so happy to see her, she said she liked her job allot, and I told her I would introduce her to a local lady I know that would be glad to help her with her knitting. Show and tell was on Sunday, and you wouldn't believe the awesome things people brought to show . So much stuff I can't even begin to mention. We had such a great time and Vicki said she really enjoyed her self and would like to do this again. We bunked in cabin ten, with Alice and Marge. Alice and Marge were up in the loft, and Vicki and I were sharing a queen size bed. This arrangement works out well, and Vicki and I didn't kick each other out of bed. Monday came so fast and it was time for us to leave, we had some time before the boat came so we did some sight seeing. When we got to town there was still some time so we went to the Stehekin Restaurant for a soda and Lindsey was working, so we had a minute for a few words and an introduction to my knitting friend Nora, a hug goodbye, and we'll keep in touch(I hope). Off we went on the boat to go home, and it was over for another year, so sad. I'll be looking forward till next year, to see my dear friends again. So now it's back to the ole grind. Well I have Knitting retreat to look forward to in Nov. When I got home the veggie garden had grown so much in those five days I was gone I couldn't believe it! really am glad to be home. Love Knits Plenty (Diana

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Knitting is still exciting in the Methow

Sitting on the deck at the Ranch! Last years roomies, sitting in the commons area were we gather and have meals.

Hi, yes I'm posting again this week, but I had to tell you the great news. Went to knit night at the gallery and we got two new people who came for their first time wanting to learn how to make socks on two circular needles, how cool is that. They have been knitters, but had never tryed this method, so they started very well. It was a great evening. I'm also getting pumped cause in a week I'm going to Stehekin to the spinning Rendezous, which will be the 25th year, but this is my third year. Vicki is going too, and this is her first time. For those who may not know were Stehekin is, it's at the north end of Lake Chelan, and the only way to get there is by plane or boat, well you can hike in too from different trails. But me I take the fast boat from the Chelan Boat Co. It take around one and a half hours. We'll arrive at Stehekin and then we catch the bus to the Stehekin valley Ranch nine miles up the road. On the way we stop at the bakery to pick up pies for the dessert after dinner. What a wonder full place to be with good friends and peace and quiet, no phones no T. V. Well I'm off to Weavers guild today. Hope your having a great day too. Knits Plenty

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm having grass envy !

Towels on the loom, the pattern is "Monks Belt" Instant Grass

Putting down the top soil

Well after much moving of rocks and dirt, then adding top soil, Saturday Dad and I drove to Wenatchee and picked up some sod. Got home around three and Lonny had it all down by dinner time, instant grass. So it seems now we are having grass envy and are thinking about looking into hydro seeding, so more about that later. Well I got my towels going and I'm enjoying the process of weaving them. I really like to go to my weaving room and put on some nice relaxing music and just get in the zone. It helps that there's nothing worth watching on T. V. I'm also reading a trilogy about a young Norwegian girl growing up in the medieval time of Norway. The first book is called "The Wreath" second is "The Wife" and last"The Cross". The name of the author is Sigrid Undset. I enjoyed the first one very much and I'm just starting the second and so far it's good too. Well yesterday was Spinners Monday here at the house and we had a very good turn out, there was eight of us all together and we had a wonderful visit. Afterwards Katie and I went for a walk on the good ole Munday Rd. the road I walked on all last summer and I missed doing that, so it was really nice to start that habit again. Today I'm trying really hard to get the last of the garden planted. It was cold this morning, only forty eight degrees, but it did warm up quickly. Some bad news, I have two friends here that husbands are having serious health problems. My friend Val who is my T.O.P.S. Buddie and a member of the weavers guild, husband George has had a very serious stroke, and my friend Diana's husband just last night went into the hospital with Congestive heart failure. Well all the rest of us can do is keep on keeping on I guess. So I think I'm going to finish the garden and go do some weaving . Love Knits Plenty

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Second time around

L-R My Dads brother Paul, me and my Dad, standing by our Sun Burst Locus
My line dance buddies, thats me in the middle with the groovy hat!

Now this is knitting in the Methow!

Well maybe two times is a charm, because last night I had my whole posting all done I was down loading the pictures and playing solitaire too, and boom, I clicked on something wrong, and bam it was all gone. So here I am again, and my story hasn't changed. Last Friday was the big live band at the Whinthrop Red Barn, which is were allot of functions are held in the area. This was our first opportunity to try out what we learned at our line dance lessons. Great fun was had by all, we did find the music live was allot faster than we were use to, but we were warned about that. All in all we did very well, but we just heard yesterday that our dear teacher Debbie has an injury to her foot and may take the summer off (excuses, excuses). No really, we couldn't have asked for a better more patient person. This blog is suppose to be about knitting in the Methow, well I've been doing that among other things too. I just finish a hat and mitten set out of my hand spun of wool, this wool had been carded and designed by Linda Frymier , and then I knit another hat out of the same yarn. My next knit project will be some fuzzy mittens similar to the ones I post a while back (blue fuzzy ones). I'm hoping to make a couple of pairs for mine and your favorite gallery " The Ashford Gallery" in beautiful down town Whinthrop! Since the first of May I've been trying to warp my loom for some towels. This has been put back till the last couple of days, for one reason the weather has cooled down and it's been raining, so upstairs to my weaving room I can go. I had only made two threading mistakes and they were easily fixed. So now I'm on my way to about six towels. So my Dad has decided to put some grass around his trailer, so today Lonny rototilled it for him, pictures to come later. This week is "Wednesday Knit Night at the Gallery" I Hope everyone will be there. Hope we get some more rain before the week is out, than it can stop. Have a groovy June! L. Knits Plenty