Thursday, August 21, 2008

We had a visitor by the name of Billy

Jr. and Billy
Our little visitor

Well it's been 4 months since I've posted, why is that? Well I don't really know myself, I think I get intimidated by other blogs that are so well written, then mine seems so, well you know, but I've been hearing from little fairies, that I've been missed, and I appreciate that. So much has gone by since April, I'll just hit on some of the things that were a high light. In May we went to Rochester N.Y. with Lonny's Mom for his oldest brother's retirement, that was for two and a half weeks. Then I got home in time to finish planting the veggies, and then leaving for Stehekin, for the yearly Spinning Rendezvous, and that was especially fun cause Vickie went with me, and that gives me one on one time to spend catching up with each other, this is nice. Then a couple of weeks go by and Jens and our beautiful and smart, kind and sweet Grand Daughter came for a few days, and we had a great time. Lonny and I had our 39Th Anniversary, we went out to dinner and then drove up to Mazama to see Jay and Vicki at their cabin. In the mean time I've been taking care of the garden, fighting, grubs,chipmunks,grasshoppers and tomato worms, but all in all I think it's been a success, I got 16lbs of Raspberries, Yeah! Seems like I didn't do much, but I must have because the month's have flown by. A couple of weeks ago our Son and our Grand Daughter came over for a week and the weather was hot, Sam and I spent a couple of days down at the river swimming and that was the best. So the signs of fall are showing and reminding us, by way of the change in the weather and the birds are gathering, the humming birds are leaving and the pine needles are starting to fall, it's coming faster than I'm ready for, but I don't have a choice. I am getting those urges to, knit, work on a quilt, weave and spin, but first I need to harvest the garden and enjoy that for a while longer. Tomorrow, Dad and I are going to the Waterville Fair, this is a small fair, about one third of what the Evergreen State fair is. You still get the fair food and I always get free Yeast for baking, I like that. It's a great thing to do with my Dad. Saturday the Guild members for Omak are coming here to spin, and I'm looking forward to that, they're a great group. So you're probably wondering who our visitor was, well one day in July, I think, arrives this little white bunny with a grey nose. Well next door to us is a pet farm, they have a little bit of every thing. So I called and said "I have a bunny in my yard and it's probably yours, so you need to come and get it. Well, they never came so I called again and again, so after about a month or more I finally caught him and took him home. Well we, especially my Dad was growing fond of this little feller, but our cat Jr. and the rabbit were crazy about each other, and play chase, and sleep ed on the front deck together, on and on. I felt it wasn't our rabbit and he needed to be home safe in his own cage. So, when I took him home, I said "If he comes back to my house I'm keeping him" I was sure that would keep him home. Well, just the other day I was out watering and talking to my Dad when something caught my eye, and sure enough, it was Billy Bunny back again. So I guess I have a rabbit, and need to get a cage and all the accessories before winter comes. I hope everyone who reads this is doing well, and maybe you'll be so lucky as to having a Billy Bunny come into your lives. With much Love! Knits Plenty, Diana