Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's time to Start Thinking Out-side the Garden

The temps this morning were a reminder, that fall has defiantly arrived. So now is the time to put the garden to bed for the up coming winter. The days have started out cold, but have been warming up to a nice sunny 55. I just spent the last three days canning the hundred pounds of apples I bought at the Saturday Market in Twisp. I got 8 qts. of an apple pie filling, that always comes in handy on a cold winters day for pie, or crisp. then the next two days it's been apple sauce, 48 pints. Every year I ask myself, "self, why do you do all this canning?" The answer came to me last night when, I had to run to the store to buy more cnning lids, the checker commented on the price, and that it doesn't seem to be that cost effective. My answer was,"you know what your buying and you know what goes into it, and the flavor far is more better than anything you can buy on the shelf". We love having the reminders of summer, on the shelf, to open and get a taste, or a memory of the garden. That brings me to my title, thinking out side the garden, and for me it's time to finish other projects
, and what the heck start some more. Besides Spring is only five months away, gee I wonder what kind of Tomatoes I'll be planting!