Sunday, March 29, 2009

The snow is gone!

The snow is gone, and we're not sorry. Today was Sunny but cold, with the wind blowing from the north, and we had some gust, but it is pleasant this evening. Last week Lonny and I went to Sun Mt. Lodge for a couple of nights. We received a gift certificate about a year and a half ago, we thought we better use it. The Lodge two times a year runs a special for the Local folks, us being locals got to take advantage of it. It is a beautiful place, and the food is really good, but very expensive to say the least. Here's a small picture of the Lodge, see how it sits on the edge of the Mt., it's very cool. I think that might be Mt. Garner in the back ground. We had a westerly view from our room, we were in the garner building. The weather wasn't very nice but we could still see a little bit of the view. This week will be really busy, because our son Jens and Grand Daughter are coming over for a few days. We're looking forward to it. I've been busy baking bread and making all the things they like. Sam and I are going to watch the movie Twilight, she so crazy about this movie, she wants to share it with me. Sam will be thirteen this summer, she is such a great kid, of course I could be just a little bit prejudice. Here's the view from our room.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Part two A sure sighn of spring

Please excuse my mistake, I have a new camera and I'm just learning how to use it. So here are my socks, now I do have to tell you that I have a light blue reinforcement yarn in the toe and the heel, so it does change the color just a bit. Yesterday (Sat) Katie, Teresa and I went to Omak for a Guild meeting at Rhonda's house. We had a last minute change in where we were meeting, but Rhonda stepped right up and offered her home. There were ten of us I think, and a new person, who's name I can't spell, but it was very nice meeting her, she is a neighbor of Ingrid's. She is an artist and teaches art too. We had sort of a formal meeting in that Dianne has been busy getting us back on track, and we are again members of N.W. Regional Spinners Association as a Guild and members of Association of NW Weavers Guild. We are so happy we're back to being a part of these organizations again. We had a great show and tell, but I can't show pictures for the same reason I couldn't post pictures on my last blog, to big for dial up. I can tell you though, Dianne, has made two beautiful scarfs one for her and one for her Aunt Marilyn, then she made a pair of socks, that her Daughter has claimed as hers, she also made the most adorable little baby sun hat. Dianne's Mom Carol also made one of the baby hats and she was working on a shawl. Then there was Ingrid who was using up left overs, not food but yarn, and wove a beautiful, soft and cozy throw, in colors of fall, I came close to leaving with it. Then Harriet, had her first weaving project, and let me tell you she did a fabulous job, they were so nice. The artist Minoan does the most interesting lovely hand painted silk scarfs. Last but not least Rhonda showed her quilt that she was finishing up for her grand Son, she has an embroidery machine and did some adorable little animals on it. You can't help but come home inspired by things so nice. To see the yarn I dyed for theses socks, just look at my last Blog. Lonny and I are taking a couple of days off to go to Sun Moutain Lodge this week, it will be fun. Have a great week! diana

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A sure sighn of spring !

A sure sign of spring has finally happened here, we've had a couple of warm days and the snow disappears so fast that you swear you can stand there and watch it, but it happens so fast you miss it. I have to say I'm happy to see it go, even though we need the moisture. So I put the picture of the yarn I dyed, just to reminded you what it looked like, because I made socks out of it and there done. I knit them from the toe to the end of the cuff, I knit them in a tube and where the heel goes I put a waste yarn to hold the live stitches till I was ready to take out the waste yarn and pick up the stitches on to the needles, to then knit the heels. So here they are all done, and I'm happy with the out com of this project, and I'll have a nice new pair of wool socks to wear next winter. Well it seems my pixels are to many for me to post my picture so I'll have to take them over again and get back with you, I so sorry Diana

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Snow a four letter word !

We got a little blast of snow today. I thought I was in western Washington, just kidding of course. It was really coming down for about four hours, but just as fast as it came down, it melted later and the sun came out. Well just five more days till spring, but we know around here it's going to be a little longer, but that's OK cause it won't be that much longer. Well it's been a month almost since I have posted, and I can't really think of anything new. Oh yes I got a new camera, and justified it by it being so close to my Birthday. So I'll be blogging a little more now that I can take decent pictures. Well I guess my social calendar has been a little busy, a week ago Saturday my Spinning guild from Omak met over here for a change. We held it at my friend Jan's house, and the turn out was good I tthought, and here's a picture I borrowed from Jan. Jan and her other half just had this sun room added on to their house. If you would like to see more just go to We had a great time and conversation and some really good food. Then the following Monday, our little spinning group that meets at my house came and we had a blast, we talk about the darnedest things some times, and not always spinning. I fixed one of my favorite soups, although I haven't yet met a soup I didn't like. It's called a California Cheese soup, we had bread and some fruit and found it very satisfying. Well what I'm really trying to concentrate on is my weaving, and it's coming along nicely. I should get two runners from this warp, the second runner I'm going to use either a white on white or a nice blue, haven't made up my mind yet. I'll put a picture of them on my blog when there all finished. So you know what I'm doing this week! My friend Diana M. and I are making a point to get out and walk, we're tiered of being stuck inside, also this is a good time to try and take off some winter weight, don't ya think. Have a great week ! Diana