Monday, December 17, 2007

The sale went without a hitch but I did'nt!

One of the many towels
The Romney mixed with Mohair

Our new home for the Spinners @ Weavers

Here it is a little less than a month since I last posted. I should know better , because I have the worlds worse memory. I do remember that I worked really hard one getting my back better by knitting retreat. Then coming home and preparing for the Spinners and Weavers sale, I had sold so many of the towels I had wove, that I had to start a whole new batch and that took some time. I've been going to the Chiropractor and twice a week taking allergy shots and that seems to take up lots of time. I finished, what I call a a life time spinning project, only because I would get bored and put it away and start something else that I'm sure will be way more fun and usually is. I finally finished and I'm very happy with the results. So we are always excited at the guild when the Holidays are here, because it's time to gather all the projects we've been doing just for the sale and set up for the sale. Well this year was different, in that we were changing the time and place, but with the support of our community, local paper and the local radio stations, the word got out. We moved into the new studio that one of our members built, and is so kind in sharing with us. I can hardly express the joy we have for this new building. This is a building that is large has lots of windows and lights, also heat which we were lacking in our last building, not that there wasn't any heat, you just couldn't notice it. So the sale went without a hitch, but I didn't. I volunteered to help on Saturday, Katie came and picked me up, and off we went to meet our public. Well when we arrived we were so surprised on how many things had already sold the day before. There was still lots of beautiful things yet to go. Well a couple of hours into the day, I was digging through some bags looking for tissue paper, and BAM! I got a hitch in my back. Well I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish the day, then came along Katies husband Rick, and nicely offered to take me home. Boy it took clear to Monday night before I could walk normal, but I'm doing fine now, but I won't stop holding my breathe yet. The sale was a huge success, we couldn't have asked for better. So now we are already planning strategies for next year, will it be the year for blankets, maybe towels again, it's always fun. Now , after the sale I was asked to weave a couple of more towels for some friends to give as gifts, it's always so satisfying to be a part of that. The spinners that meet at my house on the second Monday of the month came and we had a great time, Jan was back from her many travels and responsibilities, so good to see her. Our Friends, Sandra and Ingrid that come from Omak. This is always one of my most favorite days , love you guys. Now in December our Omak guild has a Christmas party, and boy howdy it's a good one too. Debbie opened her house to us all, and we had a regular Christmas Feast. There is also a gift exchange of hand woven towels, or if you don't feel like a towel, well then something else hand made. I was in the towel exchange, and my towel was made by my friend Ingrid, and it is beautiful.Thank you Ingrid! Katie and I left for home before dark, full and feisty, I'm mean festive! With your beautiful gifts in hand. So todayI got my Christmas card off in the mail, with a sigh of relief. I would like to wish all of you a merry Christmas and stay safe through the Holidays. Love Diana, Mom @ Nana