Friday, November 11, 2011

Back from my yearly knitting retreat!

The Fab Five!

F.R. Me and JoAn

B.R. Carol, JorJan and Holly

Here we are the

Fab Five, our 25Th year!

It's hard to believe we have been going together for all those years, and of course we haven't changed a bit, lol! For those who don't know what this retreat is, well it started out as a knitting retreat for a group who met in a yarn store in Seattle. they thought it seemed like it would be fun to get together for a week end at Fort Warden, near Port Townsend, Washington. Well as they say, let the good times roll, I'd say it's been a glorious success, and at one time we had 150 knitters. This year the numbers were down, but a lot of the same faces I've seen for all these years are still coming. Here's the Barracks we stay in, and if you have ever seen the movie "An Officer and a Gentlemen" this is were it was filmed. As you can see we are right on the sound, and we saw a pod of whales go through this year. Now we have no structure to this gathering of people, but we all have one love in common and that's knitting. So that's what we do , talk, eat, sleep and shop. I look mostly forward to seeing my dearest friends, and spending quality time catching up with them. We have a wonderful time. As usual, I came home and unknit my project, cause it's just to hard to concentrate with all the distraction. Fort Warden has an unusual building that sits high on a hill, and has an incredible view. The name of this building is Alexanders Castle, here's a description of it.
Alexanders Castle, it's a very romantic story, with a sad ending.

So another year till the next retreat, but they seem to be going by faster, and faster every year.