Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fun was had by all!

The wild flower picture
L To R Me,Betty, Katie and Deb

L To R Mj,Thresa,Eve, Betty,Liz, Sandra and Deb

Hello! I'm still feeling good about my time in Stehekin, even though it took me several days to come out of my jet lag of being away from home, I don't know how people travel, I guess you get use to it. So before last week end I finally felt better and prepared to go over to the guild meeting in Omak, but really the meeting was at Betty Jo Roberts house and she lives between Tonasket and Orville. Katie drove, thank you Katie! So it was me, Katie and Deb who went from our valley. I had never been any further than Omak for years, now you see, I'm not much of a traveler, and it was a beautiful day for this trip. It probably takes an hour and a half or so to get to Betty's' house, but before we got there we saw some beautiful scenery, what a lovely area this is. Oh, and of course we stopped for coffee at a very nice espresso place near Tonasket. We were the first to arrive and so we got a nice tour of the house and the best choice of chairs to sit in for spinning. Betty is an extraordinary person and I think shes been like a pioneer in her life, I don't know all the details but for those of you who don't know of her she has been building spinning wheels and looms for years, not just ordinary things but works of art. She spends hours collecting wild flowers and drys them to put in her wheels and looms, she also puts the flowers and butterflies into pictures. I can hardly touch the surface of what she does. While I was in Stehekin, a friend Norma gave me a box full of butter flies and I had told her that I was going to take them to Betty, so I did and she was thrilled to get them, so thrilled that she gave me one of her pictures she does with her dried flowers preserved in resin. So soon the others arrived and we had a good size group to visit with and spin. There was as always a pot luck, and oh my it was awesome. Then after that Betty took us on a tour of her flowers and her wood shop. It was a very pleasant day for us all. Soon it was time to say good bye and hugs all a round and we were off for home and lots of good memories with us. So now I have to get myself ready for this weekend, because I'm going to be at a garage sale extraordinaire, this is huge, and I'm going to sell the towels I just took off my loom, and most of my rubber stamps that I collected over the years, and if I can get to and find some antique do dads for the kitchen. Maybe I'll finally sell this antique spinning wheel too. Wish me luck! Diana