Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow..... a four letter word


I suppose here in the State of Washington their are people who think snow is a four letter word, we have had lots of snow, mostly on the western side of the state. As of this morning, were I live we have around eight to ten inches, here in the North Central part of the State. This kind of weather we expect here, but in western Wa. not so much. This picture I took this morning, and it hasn't stopped snowing yet, and we are expecting a couple of days more of it.  
As long as Dad keeps a trial going for little Coal we are happy, this is the trail out to the shop, you can see how deep it is, and this is just what we got today. After the first of the year, I had one more small sewing project that I wanted to get done. I had been putting it off because it seemed a little time consuming, but I have been doing small sewing projects at our open sew at our Quilt shop, The Quilting I seem to have a focus problem, it seems I can't talk and concentrate at the same time. I got it done, but I did it mostly at home, and I think it was fun to do, and now I have a lovely use full  item.

Believe me it took longer than two hours!

The Two Hour Tulip Bag

                                                            With my latest Knitting inside!
As a Knitting Bag

                  One nice thing about this weather is, you can stay inside and work on projects. Hope your day is fun filled with your favorite things to do.                                                                                             

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