Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's snowing! That's just not right.

Laurie calls this the baby hammock
Four little Cashmere Kids, so cute

Just to show you what I started with.

See the new snow on the logs!

My Hair!

Last week,the weather was very nice, but today it's snowing, and that's just not right. I know for a fact that last Thursday was the first day of Spring, because it was my Birthday. So I ask, whats with the snow! Having my Birthday on the first day of Spring is really nice, and it was made even better because I have such caring friends, all during the month my friend Jan was dropping off little gifts and telling me this is your Birthday month, my friend Vicki also holds that policy when it's her birthday. I got Lot's of great cards, but my favorite was from Katie, a rather humorous one. Then Katie took me out to lunch at Glover Street Cafe. If your ever in the town of Twisp you should try it, but like alot of places of business here, they change their opening times and days without any notice. Twisp has a lot of good places to eat and or dine. We had a great lunch, and visit, then off to our Guild meeting. I've been taking my spinning wheel with me to most the meetings this month and I have finally finished the Corridale pencil roving and the black Merino, and now I think I will go on to something I got from a friend who has Cashmere Goats, but is all so interested in the Pygora fiber and gave me an ounce of a pretty red color to spin. So that will be a whole new fiber for me to try. Also last week I went to visit my friend Laurie, who has her hands full this time of year, because she has a huge herd of Cashmere Goats, Romney and Icelandic sheep and it seems they are all having babies. The day I went wasn't as sunny as I had hoped, but those little ones didn't care they were romping around, and sleeping in the most unusual places. Since that day there has been many more arrivals. I rode my bike 15 miles last week, and I haven't since because my back started to flare up and I didn't want to get that started again. I been trying to get out to walk, I started to go back to the Mundey road were it's flat, I would like for it to warm up a bit, it would be more pleasant. Oh yes I can't forget Our Friends Butch & Carol came over for the coast to stay at their cabin at Gold Creek. We haven't seen them for a while, so we were happy for a nice visit . They all so spent some time with me and Lonny on my Birthday, I had requested to go out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in the town of Brewster, we had a fab time, and the best food. This week I got some carding done, on my hand crank, boy what a difference from Katies big carder. This is a Jacob fleece, I think I got it a couple of years ago at the Whidbey Spinners and Weavers annual spin in. Well before I sign off , I all most for got to mention, I got my hair cut off short, and I can't do a thing with it. I'm not sorry I did it but I hate fooling around with my hair, so I'm really having to learn all over again . So we're all on to April, and this will be the month for the Spin in at Whidbey, I hope to see you there. Knits Plenty L. Diana


Katie said...

That yarn came out beautiful! I can't wait to see it in person. And you, since you cut your hair??!

Holly said...

Cut your hair! Photo please!