Friday, April 18, 2008

Here in the Methow

Merino X Morit prossed fleece, mmmm love the color!

Jackies first Whidbey spin-in

The Whidbey Spin-in, Hi, Katie

My colors of the sea wrap

Here in the Methow we're know for having four seasons, but I question that, seems lately we have three seasons, winter, summer and fall, spring seems to have decided to be strangely different. Take for instant today, Lonny and I needed to go over the Loup-Loup Pass to Okanagan, well it was sunny and 60 in Okanagan, coming home, at the top of the pass it was 46 and sunny, then coming down into the valley the temp. dropped to 40 and cloudy. Then off and on it would be sunny, then cloudy and hail. My kid's and Grand Daughter called and said, they were getting snow on the coast. We have also had terrible winds, almost every day. I'm very happy to announce that the weather hasn't swayed the humming birds from arriving, yes I saw my first one day before yesterday! So it's been almost two weeks since Katie and I went to the coast for the 37th. annual Whidbey Island spinners and weavers spin in. We left on Sat. morning of the spin in, and arrived at noon, just a couple of hours behind, but we know now if we do this next year, we'll leave the day before. I had a wonderfull time visiting my dear friends from the coast, Dorothy was there, Anna Rose & Delores, but the biggest surprise of them all, was my friend and former neighbor and coworker, Jackie. Jackie had her Lendrum that I sold her, money I needed to buy my loom, and was getting lessons, and meeting some people that lived pretty close to her, so now she has some more people to add to her resource list. Of course the international queen of spinning was there, Judith McKenzie-McCune, So the gym at the Oak Harbor High School was packed with spinners. There were some great vendors there too, and our own Sara Anderson, from Snohomish was present, she and the Tea lady wrote an article in Spin-Off Magazine, on a technique that Sara came up with, and she also had a sweater that she designed and knit, it also won peoples choice at the spin in. So many talented people, and so inspiring. Judith did a wonderful talk on Bison, and some work she's doing with the local Native Tribes, in her area of Montana. She is so awesome to listen to, and the stories are incredible. So at the end of the day, some people leave to go home, and some go to an Inn, because their coming back for the Sunday portion of the spin in, which is some more time to spin and learn from Judith. As for Katie and I, well we hung out with some friends at the Coachman Inn, then decided to go eat dinner at the Flyer's Pub in Oak Harbor. Had a great dinner, then departed for Deception Pass were Katie's parents live and spent the night, in Katie's new A line trailer, we had a great visit with her parents, and went to bed. The next morning, we got up and going had something to eat, and I took off with Katie's car, and she and her parents went of to visit her Brother, who is building a new house. there were only half as many people at the spin in then there was the day before, but Jackie came back too, and we had a good visit and some great lessons from Judith, on spinning Bison, Yak and Cashmere. Jackie is really getting the hang of spinning! The day went to fast as usual, but well worth it. So I found my way back to Katie's parent's house, and that's putting it lightly, I don't have the greatest sense of direction, but I did sort of have some direction and got back just fine. The family was home and Katie, her Mom and I had a great visit, then it was time for dinner, and Katies Dad took us out for a lovely dinner at a Marina that is just a block from their house. So the next morning we were off for home, and arrived safely. Monday was catch up day, then Tuesday our son Jens, would be arriving . We had a wonderful three day's with him, it ended to soon, he left on Friday. So then it was time to get ready for the Monday spinner's day, this is a set day, every second Monday of the month. As usual it was a wonder day, I just love and look forward to this time. Well, I had a good surprise, the fleece that I had bought last year at the Whibey spin-in, had come back from being prossed by Osark Carding Mill, Gail White, an ole friend from my beginning in spinning, and it's fabulous. This is a Merino X Morit, and it's so soft and spongy, and the color is one I've been looking for, for the last twenty years, I hope it spins up really nice. This week was also the week our Guild Challenge was due, well I 've been running around to much and didn't get mine done, but there were some gorgeous things that members did, we had the challenge of doing a color and weave project, an unbelievable effect. Well I'll have mine done soon. Speaking of done, I did get my wrap done that Katie designed, and it is so cozy. Well I think I've rambled on enough, I'm sure I've forgotten something, but I'm sure we'll live. Tomorrow I'm going to Omak to spin with my favorite spinning group, it makes for a great day. Hope April was a great month for you too! Love Diana

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Holly said...

Brrr! it's 35 degrees and its been snowing! To borrow a phase "That's just not right!"