Sunday, November 8, 2009

Time to Knit and Weave

I was reminded just recently that I haven't blogged since August 20Th, this made me think about what I'm doing now compared to what I did last summer. My last blog I talked about the Blue Bird that befriended me, I have since said good bye to, and anticipating her and her family's return in the spring. I have not only said good bye to Mama blue bird but also to my Dad, as he always leaves in the fall to spend time on the coast in his apt. and with his brother and his son my brother. My boy's are over there to, and Dad does see my youngest son Jens often because Jens works at Albertson's just down the road. Ely is still working for Starbucks, and Dad stops in to see him on occasion. My Dad and I had a mean game of Yahtzee going every night after dinner, and from his trailer window we saw a lot of beautiful sunsets, we had lots of laughs, it was a great time. Then on Saturdays, Dad and I would go to Saturday Market in Twisp, and as I think I've mentioned just a few times, we would have coffee and a fry bread. Thinking back, it's hard because it already seems so long ago. I walked every day then, and now I walk every day and walk on the tread mill every day after dinner. I walk the treadmill because I'm not going outside and working in the garden, moving hoses,watering trees and just enjoying the beautiful summer evenings we can have here, it's to dark and to cold now. Just two weeks ago tonight, I got home from knitting retreat, I've been going for over twenty years. It's so good as always to see my dear friends and have a few needed laughs, it keeps ya going. When this fall arrived it came fast and cold, we didn't have the beautiful colors we usually have, but it is still gorgeous. When it was time to pick the winter squash and just clean out the garden, I knew it was going to give me permission to start thinking of the other things I love to do and don't take time from when gardening, and other summer things I do, such as getting my spinning wheel turning again, and my knitting projects, also it's this time of year that weaving becomes something I do feverishly because Nov. 20Th and 21 St is our big Weavers sale here in Twisp. So producing enough to have a good showing of what our guild is capable of doing and making a little money to pay my dues and by more things to do. The holidays are upon us, and this season we hope to get over to my Brother's house for Thanksgiving and be thankful for all we have and our health. I'm thankful for all the produce that I put up for the winter from my perfect little garden. I'm thankful for my friends and family. Lonny's doing well, he's working on a project just for himself, after working on everyone elses for the last four years, I think he's having fun. Thanks for letting me know that you read this rambling and caring.
Some impressive Broccoli!

My beautiful Grand Daughter being silly, what a fun memory to keep through the winter


Rebecca and Peggy said...

Thanks for updating! It was great to see you at the retreat.


Catherine said...

hi! nice to have you back!

Katie said...

and just what is that thing on her head, anyway!??

Carol............. said...

My broccoli would have been bigger than your broccoli had I planted some!!! LOL!

I have to admit that I was envious after seeing your garden this was so productive!

Glad you're posting again.

Catherine said...

how are you? do you have snow? what are you weaving? xxx catherine

Samantha said...

Hey Nana, its sam...your silly Grand-daughter...I miss you and love you lots! Tell Papa I said hi!!!!

P.S. you're pretty silly too :p

xoxoxoxo Samantha